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Future Classic: Loe Pesci “DMT with Joe Rogan”


They don’t call him the King for nothing.

Loe Pesci is an acclaimed King of the Dot Battle MC, one half of the Hip-Hop duo OG Hindu Kush, a Montreal Swag promoter, and of course a sick solo artist! Just over two weeks ago he dropped his new solo album GOODX2 on bandcamp, which within 48 hours managed to hit #1 of their top sellers list. A week later he blessed us with the release of his new video “DMT with Joe Rogan”. Can I just say.. Not only is this clearly a future classic but this ish, is a current classic!

“DMT with Joe Rogan” is the opening track off Pesci’s new album and totally sets the tone for the greatness to come. Being a battle MC, Pesci clearly has a talent for words and wordplay but it’s an extra treat to be able to hear his ideologies and influences laid down on a track. If you’re imagining a “yo mama” type rapper, you are deeply mistaken cause Pesci is richly versed in life experiences and complex referencing. Moon Boots also deserves a major shout out for the production of this banging and soulful track.

The video itself falls perfectly in line with the concept and emotion while highlighting Montreal’s best features. Sherwin Long’s artwork is great addition to the project and beautifully pays respect to Mtl Greats that are not longer here with us [R.I.P BNB & Dutch].

If you haven’t already, be sure to download GOODX2 off of bandcamp and if your into physicals like myself you can go pick one up at the Loe Pesci’s show Friday March 9th where he’ll be opening for Masta Ace at the Belmont.

As well as the album http://oghindukush.bandcamp.com/album/good-x-2

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