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Future Classic: Maddslinky “Make a change” LP

Maddslinky - Make a change

Most definitely one of the essential records of 2010 for me. Zed Bias makes a furious comeback under his Maddslinky moniker, not that he’d been away but it had been a while since he’d released under his aka more geared towards broken beat and future soul.
For those who are into Garage, 2step, Dubstep and the likes you must all know by now that Zed Bias is one of the true architects of the UKG darker sound. With people like El-B, Horsepower Productions and so on they created the foundations for that ruff edge to the Garage sound.
This record is just so complete and mature in its approach. It includes new cats like Tawiah and Skream but with Maddslinky behind the boards you get a record that reflects the entire spectrum of the UK sound. Dub, Soul, Broken Beat, Ruff Basselines, great vocalists and so on… It is sometimes very hard to make relevant “dance” records, a style more geared to 12″ releases but this just might be one of the most complete records in the genre’s history.
(The first single with legendary UK Soul singer OMAR. Already being played by pretty much everybody!)


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Lexis (MIMS Founder)
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  • Étienne

    I agree with you… This record is fantastic, I have played a few cuts on my radio show for the last 3 weeks and I have bought the single in September(amazing remixes)… Zed Bias is a killer… Straight bass in your face… One of the best LP of 2010…

  • Étienne

    No words can describe his music… You must feel it with a big sub to really know what it really is… Looking forward to hear him live in Montreal one day !

    Keep up your good work Lexis and I will try to check one of your night as soon as I can…

    I still need to pay you some rhum shots…

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      I am working on that for 2011… :)

      Yesss, you owe me some Rhum Shots, or make it Jameson. That’s my first choice!