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Future Classics

Future Classic: Memorecks “Downtime”


Memorecks is a beatmaker from Toronto with a name reminescent of a company of that certain audio medium not in use anymore (you know those 99c tapes). It’s not to say the self-proclaimed MPC astronaut is oudated. I discovered all this because the man was one of the final four at the Sound Battle Royale in Toronto last November and has a nice blog going at

All that is nice but what about the music?

Downtime is composed of 19 tracks made with a mixture of sampling, synthy sounds and voice sounds although we’re not too sure where those are from. That’s really what make this beat concoction stand out for me; the use of interesting sounds and, as the title suggest, the laidback vibe. Waiting for something but not too lazily, those beats aren’t gonna make themselves!

That being said, make up your own idea, it’s free on his blog.

Download Link

The bass is special on this
01 Memorecks – Phatback by memorecks

A little bit more on the 8bit tip.
07 Memorecks – Nintendoe by memorecks