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Future Classic: Moon B “Ill Realms”

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Back with the 1st Voyage Funktastique Show of 2015, and I had a good 5 weeks of compiling new material for the show; first, I have to thank my homie Temu (which I featured his latest track Temu’s Talkbox Groove to start the show) for his amazing performance at the VF monthly night at Bar Le Bleury, and special mention of honour to Professor Groove (WEFUNK) for handling the logistics and making it happen so fast.

Regarding the show, I featured two tracks off Moon B’s III Realms, released on a test press via Peoples Potential Unlimited, a few months ago. “Dope Rope” is available as a “Bonus Track” on the Bandcamp release and “PolyWarp” is a spacey/galactic excursion with “syruppy vacillating instrumentation paired with unforeseen wobbly bits and foreign percussive hits.”. Moon B is one of the most respected producers out there, with his unique distinctive style, you can recognize his signature sound just a few seconds into his productions.

Make sure to check out more of his catalog here and his soundcloud; you might get the chance to catch him perform live as well. Also, make sure to check the good people at PPU regularly and find a bunch of their releases on earcave.

Track taken from the latest edition of Walla P’s Voyage Funktastique Radio Show.

Walla P

Walla P

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