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Future Classic: Tomato Jonez “Penny Hardaway Tape & more…”


Ok i’m blaming the homie Joe Kay from Soulection for this absolutely addictive new discovery called Tomato Jonez. If you haven’t yet, you really should start checking out the Soulection radio show which is always absolutely packed with that next level beats stuff we all like. With way too much generic beat tapes floating around, guys like Joe Kay are essential guides to finding the good shit!

So back to this Tomato Jonez thing. It’s actually pretty impossible to find any information on the artist, unless he is also known as Tomato Jonez,”the three piece high energy classic rock and modern cover band and is based in Massachusetts”… but I doubt it. Actually I kind of love these dudes that are playing on the mysterious angle, no website, no images, no twitter account. In his case, just a bandcamp with 6 free beat tapes released in a span of 2 months.

Ok, so what does it sound like? Well, forgive me if I’m not the utmost expert on the art of “chopped & screwed” stuff but I’d say most of the songs on the tapes sound like they’re just reaaaally slowed down and not a lot more. You can’t really tell if there is a lot of stuff done to them although a few of the tapes like the “Indian Quazeen” that have a few layers working. But the beauty of this project is without a doubt the selections. The pitched down versions of hand picked disco songs, r&b, 90’s boom bap is just so dope! I can’t really explain but this shit is undeniable!

Here is a track I played in a gig last night that seemed to have a few people intrigued!

And the rest of the 6 free tapes!



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