Future Classics

Future Classic: ZZBRA “The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


ZZBRA is a duo made up of Canadian MC’s Moka Only and Evil Ebenezer backed by the the beats of Stuey Kubrick. Because of the beatmaker’s name, it’s only fitting that the title of the album is The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

It’s also fitting because our two favorite protagonists are the heroes of what seems to be an imaginary action flick taking place in the city and the jungle. All this is quite the fun adventure and the ride includes brass, weird percussions and guitars reminescent of classic James Bond movie scores.

The weirdness is present (like most of the projects that Moka’s involved in) but the fun the heroes seem to have is enough to make the listener overlook it or the singing on some tracks. It is a much easier listen for “non-Moka” fans then the new Ron Contour (Moka Only)/Ayatollah collaboration album is. More “catchiness”, less of an underground classic boom bap vibe.

Here is a 3 track sampler to give a taste of the fun ZZBRA is!



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