Guest Mixes

Guest Mix #47: DJ KHALAB (Black Acre Records, London)

Afro Worldwide Sounds

We’re very excited to host this exclusive mix from DJ Khalab, a new addition to the Black Acre Records roster, a label we’ve loved for quite some time now.

Black Acre is one of the most interesting, diverse and daring electronic music labels out there, but also one of the most underrated. They’ve released gold from artists like Loops Haunt, 1000Names, Dan Shake, Fantastic Mr Fox but more recently the two acts associated with the afro-futuristic sound that’s been making waves: Romare (who released his first two EP’s with B.A) and Clap! Clap!

Now, you can trust them when they introduce a new talent (and Clap! Clap! collaborator): London’s DJ Khalab. To preview his upcoming EP titled “Eunoto” (out on March 15, 2015) he was nice enough to deliver a mix full of exclusives and deadly futuristic afro grooves.

A fearless mix that will take you outside your confort zone but will have you walking away with some great discoveries!


1) Sekou Diabate x Khalab : Intro
2) dj Khalab : Beatape (demo version)
3) Morphosis vs Kasai AllStars : Khalab Mash up
4) Dj Khalab: Eboka
5) Dj Khalab : Eboka (ninos du brasil rmx)
6) Pedestrian & Jasperdrum : Origins
7) Dj Khalab : W.T.F.
8 ) Dj Khalab & Clap Clap : Berlinguer
9 ) Dj Khalab : Aeh (the prologue)
10) Dj Khalab : Malala
11) Dj Khalab : Medal Of Freedom
12) Dj Khalab : Kamounigna (populous rough mix)
13) Dj Khalab : Substance
14) Dj Khalab : Fuck Canile (demo version)
15) Dj Khalab : Precordial Thump (still alive)
16) Dj Khalab : Beat Tape 4

About DJ Khalab

Afro future beat shake. An ongoing round trip journey between tribes and psyche, desert and spaceships, jungle and skyscrapers. Website:


Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).