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Mix of the Day: Fatoosan “Tabarnak!”


Absolutely great mix from Fatoosan who I met this summer with Lefto when they were both on vacation in Quebec. They both took the the time to discover the sights, smells and sounds Montreal had to offer (check out Lefto’s road movie here). Whenever we had time to talk about music, they both always wanted me to hook them up with some music from here! So of course I told them about all the great hip-hop and beats stuff we have over here… She’d been telling me that she would do a Canada only mix and here it is!

Fatoosan: “I went to Canada and remember mostly the whales, the nice people and the good vibes 🙂

I was completely amazed by the bilingual skills of the people living in Montreal and discover there a great crew (thanks to Lexis |, the Alaclair Ensemble, who can rap switching so easily between French and English! I was interested to discover the aboriginal rapper Samian, the Atach Tatuq crew who has a female mc and that some bands I’ve known for a long time were actually Canadian!

This mix is made of new school, crunky and golden age hip hop. It doesn’t cover everything of course, sorry if your favorite Canadian rapper is not here ;)”




Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).