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Music Is My Sanctuary – Show #40

Wow. Ok, this was a really hard one to put together. The idea was that since 40 is a nice round number I would pick one song from each show i’ve done over the 3+ years since I started. A really tough process because I pretty much love every track i’ve ever played on this show. For those who are new to MIMS feel free to click on the tracks to check out the 39 other shows you might have missed!

01. EXCLUSIVE NEW JOINT! Gary Bartz – Music Is My Sanctuary (DELA Remix)
02. Fashawn – Samsonite Man (from #29)
03. Kero One – In all the wrong places (from #05)
04. Detroit Experiment – Highest (from #27)
05. Onra – Long Distance (from #35)
06. Eero Johanes – Leisi Ellie (from #31)
07. Flako - Put Chur Hands Up (from #37)
08. Bullion – Get Familiar (from #06)
09. Kenlo – Moonglass (from #33)
10. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A (from #020)
11. Guilty Simpson – Man’s World (from #03)
12. Bonobo – Ketto (from #Old Gold Special)
13. Flying Lotus – Disco Balls (from #28)
14. Reel to Real – Love me like this (Floating Points Remix) (from #22)
15. Mark E – R&B Drunkie (from #07)
16. SiriusMo – All the girls (from #15)
17. Swell Sessions – Gonky Girls (from #18)
18. Jumbonics (Diesler Remix) (from #14)
19. Kutiman – Music Rules My Life (Dj Day Remix) (from #02)
20. Bim Marx – Stronger (from #23)
21. Moodymann – Ol’ Dirty Vinyl (from #Lookout)
22. Stateless – Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (from #09)
23. Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman – WAD (from #30)
24. Uproot Andy – El Botellon (from #39)
25. Maddslinky ft. Omar – Special (from #38)
26. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated (from #36)
27. Jamie Lidell – Another Day (Rustie Remix) (from #21)
28. G Corp – No Burial (from #26)
29. Plastician ft. Skepta – Intensive Snare (from #16)
30. 2000F – You Don’t Know What Love is (from #UKForever)
31. Jose James – Equinox (Sbtrkt Remix) (from #34)
32. Animal Collective – Summertime clothes (Dam-Funk Remix) (from #25)
33. Vanessa De Mata – Boa Sorte (from #17)
34. Zola – Ehlala Zola (from #10)
35. Sharon Jones – How Long? (Ticklah Remix) (from #19)
36. Lucina Slim – All this time (from #22)
37. Radiodread - Karma Police (Cover) (from #04)
38. Eddie – Pode de chamar  (from #01)
39. Digable Planets – Where i’m from (from #12)
40. Cody Chesnutt – Serve this Royalty (from #08)

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About the Author

Lexis (MIMS Founder)
(Montreal) Lexis is the dude who founded MusicIsMySanctuary.com in 2007. He has been djing since 2000 and a music lover / nerd since day 1! For more info check out: www.musicismysanctuary.com/djlexis

  • River Lance

    Man, this was so insightful. You expertly navigated through an amazingly colorful array of genres, making it easy to experience each, but blending them so smoothly that the soul of each track shines through. Thank you so much for sharing your impeccable, eclectic taste in music. I would be lost without MIMS, for real.

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      That is pretty much one of the nicest comments anyone has ever given me as far as the whole website and podcast goes.
      That is definitely what I try to do you know, open peoples’ mind and ears to all the great music I spend so much time researching!
      Anywhooo man… i’m speechless! I need more comments like that in my life!

    • Émilie

      :D !

      • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

        ;)! #41 online tomorrowww.

  • Smooth SIlver

    I’m just gonna go ahead and co-sign River Lance on this one lol I can’t add anything more to that ! Colorful array of genres, smoothly blended !!

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      So glad you’re still listening homie! Coming from you it means a lot… I know how much of a music lover you are… ;)

  • jincha

    beautiful. thank you for doing what you do.

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      thank you for listening to what I do! it wouldn’t be as fun if I couldn’t share all these discoveries with people!

  • Nina Choquette

    Wow so much love in this place :D

    I’m totally agree with River Lance and Smooth Silver words !!
    M.I.M.S is a solid music reference and it’s made with lot of love, this is a big reason why we still listenning and enjoy it.

    btw podcast #41 is dope. really dope.

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      haaha…. yes. mega love fest!
      so happy to connect people who are open minded and give a fair chance to everything I play!!

  • http://headnodfactor.wordpress.com/ Headnod Factor

    Had the chance to follow the evolution of MIMS with a rather upclose look the last few years and I MUST say this, to whoever doesn’t know Lexis personnaly, he is one deidcated man to music. His passion and knowledge is tough to match. On top of this, he’s got the skills for y’all to witness what comes up here on a daily. Big Up Bro, you’ve worked hard to get to this point and I know you gonna be there down the road to let me and all of the MIMS visitor bump the good ish in our iWhatever for a long time to come.