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Forgotten Treasures: In Touch ft. Ce Ce Rogers “No Love Lost” Lost Mix (1994)

In a perfect world this would have been a crossover smash hit. In reality this was not even close to be a minor hit. This might be due to the fact that the best version was never included on the commercial release. The title of this mix – Lost Mix – was probably a premonition […]

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Future Classic: Niko Is “Onda”

A great soul sample almost untouched and a good emcee telling his story… it seems like I can never get tired of that timeless formula! It’s exactly what we get here with this excellent cut from Rio de Janeiro native and Florida resident Niko Is. Newly signed to Talib Kweli’s label Javotti and getting ready […]

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Future Classic: Midnight Runners “Drive Into the Night”

Weeks after weeks, I realize that the Funk is truly worldwide. For this edition of the Voyage Funktastique show, I wanted to expose this fact by featuring Midnight Runners, a duo of modern funksters, hailing from Bandung, Indonesia. “Midnight runners consists of two people having two different musical backgrounds, but their common love for the […]

Titeknots MIMS Guest Mix

Guest Mix #28: TITEKNOTS (Tru Thoughts, UK)

This great addition to our Guest Mixes series just landed in the inbox and we’re very excited to share this mix from one of our favourite new producers. Titeknots just sort of came out of nowhere and has been killing it these past 12 months. At this time last year we had just discovered his […]

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Diggs Duke “Forgotten Treasures Mix #18″

Here is the 18th mix in our FORGOTTEN TREASURES series where we ask some of our favorite artists to make us a mix showcasing a few of their influences. We give them carte blanche to play anything as long as it’s very personal to them. We are happy to present this one from DIGGS DUKE, […]



Odd Future – Live on Jimmy Fallon

Wow, ok. Now THAT is a pretty bold TV debut from the up and coming hardcore rap collective OddFuture. By the way, i’m so happy to just be saying the term hardcore rap, haven’t said that in like 10 years! Anyways, Od...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Forgotten Treasure: Slick Rick “Mistakes Of A Woman” (1991)

Always looooved Slick Rick. Dubbed the greatest hip-hop storyteller, I could listen to him rap his groceries list… Originally from South Wimbledon, England, Slick Rick moved with his family to The Bronx in 1975 where he m...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: 2562 “Aquatic Family Affair”

“Dave “2562” Huismans marked a significant step forward for bass music in 2009 on Unbalance, where his marriage of dub techno, inventive drum programming, and hazy UK garage textures improved upon his Aerial by miles ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Music Is My Sanctuary – Show #44

Been a month since the last podcast and things have been pretty busy on the DJ side of things but the great thing is that it’s forced me to dig even more than usual… if that’s even possible. Big big thanks to ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Odd Future Gets Signed

“They’re like Nicky Minaj with dicks, and theyre 9 of them” Odd Future Gets Signed from Odd Future
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: Miles Bonny & Taku “Down to earth club music”

Every now and then when I’m working on my upcoming podcast I get these little writers block I guess you can call them. A couple of days where I’m just lacking the motivation to continue my digging efforts. Then a so...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Back in Stock! MIMS T-Shirts For Sale

Hey fams. Just wanted to let you know that I got a limited run of MUSIC IS MY SANCTUARY t-shirts for sale. If you want one just send me a quick email lexis@musicismysanctuary.com and we’ll make it happen. 20$ + shipping W...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Sneaker Speakers! Nike Air Force 1

Soooo slick! Recall science lessons learned during elementary school, that the vibration of air create sound? UK’s Intercity (publisher of Art & Sole) and customizer Alex Nash, popularly known as Nash Money, materializ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Stylophone Pocket Electronic Organ

After being out of production for over 32 years, the Stylophone is back! This iconic instrument was used by everyone from David Bowie to Kraftwerk and now is available once again for the musically minded. The new Stylophone clo...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Forgottten Treasures: Bone Thugs & Harmony “1st of the Month”

Ahhh, yes.. I know so clever huh! Posting 1st of the month on the 1st. Next level for sure. Ok, so i’m tired and I didn’t really know what to put on but hey, come on, this is still some dope stuff. Back then the fir...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: Shash’U “Untitled #1″

Montreal is on a tear these days! There are tons of dope MTL producers peaking right now and are just ready to blow up! I knew that Shash’U was doing good things from little bits I heard here and there but the homie final...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


My Mom’s off-set “Incendies” pictures

I’ve been meaning to post some of these for a little while now but seeing as it is Oscar night I figured that now might be a good time! The fact that I’m from Montreal and that Incendies was nominated for best fore...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Future Classic: Kenlo Craqnuques “Turquoise” – Preview

Ohhhhwweeee! Two upfront preview tracks before the brand new Craqnuques edition from Quebec’s own Kenlo. “Turquoise” will be the 7th installment of the Craqnuques series which has been getting mad praise fro...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Forgotten Treasure: Prince Buster “Ten Commandments” (1967)

I was hanging out with good friends Kobal, Andy Williams and Serious Black last night, we were all djing at a Montreal Nuit Blanche event and after my set, Andy and Kobal played a back to back roots & reggae set. There were...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Brostep VS Dubstep : Discussion

Great discussion debating the state and future of dubstep and the other rougher approach to the sound called jokingly brostep
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)