Support/Invest in TEMU’s creation of his upcoming “Relic of the Mothership EP”

Soul & Funk

A little over a year ago, a friend of mine from Sweden known by his dj name as Mad Mats was at my house before our gig together and we were doing something I love to do with my peers; exchange and recommend music discoveries.

The one track that completely blew my mind was this new rendition of the classic “Nights Over Egypt” by this new cat TEMU, also from Sweden. From that point out I started digging into his soundcloud profile and soon found out the dude had tons of absolute jams most of which I played on my monthly radio shows.

But now, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Supporting a project like this isn’t about charity for a talented artist who truly deserves it, it’s more of a wise investment in making sure the new EP is made and you can enjoy it… just view it as a pre-order!

I’ll let Temu describe the project.

Campaign Description: “My name is Temu, Im a Funk/Soul/R&B/HipHop solo artist, songwriter, composer, singer, producer, dancer, talkbox player, multi-musician and all around performer/entertainer. I’ve been active in the international urban dance (popping) community over the last few years through my musical contributions. Since popping and funk music go hand in hand so well, most of the music I make is meant to be uplifting, occasionally thought provoking, whilst maintaining a ‘danceable’ groove, musical depth and complexity. Im looking to raise funds to complete a relatively new funky project EP called “Relic of the Mothership”. The plan is for it to be released in late May. ”


“I have never been signed to a major record/publishing label of any sort. And Im totally ok with that. My reputation since growing up in New York City to my livelihood and survival as an adult living in Europe, has relied solely on my level of skill within the arts from one degree to another. I like the idea of being an independent artist and having control over my own destiny. But it can be tough at times, however instead of knocking on record labels doors in vein to ‘sign’ me, I’d rather try another approach by reaching out to YOU, my network of friends, family and supporters worldwide to help me complete this next project and ultimately pave the way for more people other than myself, an opportunity to create a lifestyle change. I believe helping each other to help themselves is the way to go. ”

About the project 

Relic Of the Mothership is a project I’ve actually been working on and off for about 3 years now. It started off as an album, but due to many obstacles, lack of time, inadequate working space, and of course money I haven’t been able to complete it the way I would of liked to a couple years ago. Though over time I have released a couple of songs that would have been a part of that album. Now I would like to re-package the project into a smaller ‘EP’ format instead to give a look into what a full length album from me would be like. It will be a mixture of released and unreleased songs as some of them are interconnected with musical interludes. I plan to make it free to download for all those who supported before the release, free online for the world to stream via soundcloud and more, available to buy higher quality digital copies elsewhere, CDs, and a version mastered specifically to enjoy on vinyl is something I hope to do as well!



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).