Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: The Gals & Pals “Blue on Blue” (1966)


It’s a really snowy day in Montreal, the kind that makes you want fake a strange illness to leave work early and go watch some classic movies… I’m thinking “Weekend At Bernies II”

So, I decided to dig out a long lost track that is perfect for a snowy evening: “Blue on Blue” from Gals & Pals. Perhaps, the worst band name in history, it sounds more like a Bowling team from Montana. Actually, I didn’t know this but the vocal groups was from Sweden and active from ’62 to ’67. Most of their songs were in Swedish but most of their songs in English were from Burt Bacharach‘s amazing catalog.

“Blue on Blue” was a huge hit for crooner Bobby Vinton in the early 60’s but the version from the Swedes absolutely kills it. Also, this version was used as a sample for Royksopp’s “So Easy” which is pretty decent.

Love this track. Very eerie piece of weirdo soul.

The Gals & Pals - Blue on Blue (1966)


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