Throw Em' Up

Onra & Lexis “Throw’Em Up 1”

This summer, good homies French producer Onra and Lexis, founder of Music Is My Sanctuary, got together in Montreal and recorded a mix inspired by a period that was really influential for both: mid-90’s R&B club classics.

The idea behind the selections: As the title suggests, the whole concept of this mix is about the way people used to dance in those videos around 93 to 96. It’s when people stopped doing the new jack swing kind of dancing and throwing up the hands in the air with that nonchalant baller attitude. Go back to videos from these years and you’ll everyone was doing the “throw’em up”.

So, the “rules” they gave themselves were simple: 1) the mix begins at the point when New Jack ended 2) the mix finishes around ’96 when a producer named Tim Mosley completely changed the R&B landscape. (that will be vol.2) 3) MC’s featuring on R&B tracks were ok, but not the other way around. 4) Only one selection per artist (that was tough)

Big Thanks to Laidback Radio (Belgium) who are premiering the mix!
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01. Brandy – I Wanna Be Down Feat. MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Yoyo
02. Chanté Moore – This Time (Allstar Club Mix)
03. Intro – Funny How Time Flies
04. London Jones – Joy
05. Miss Jones – Don’t Front
06. Keith Sweat – Twisted
07. Monifah – I Miss You Feat. Heavy D
08. Immature – We Got It (Marley Marl Remix)
09. Horace Brown – Taste Your Love
10. Alphonzo – Just The Way
11. Sista – Brand New (Mr. Dalvins Ferran Mix)
12. Mint Condition – Change Your Mind
13. Aaron Hall – Curiosity
14. Blackstreet – This Is How We Roll
15. Devante – Gin & Juice
16. TLC – Creep
17. Groove Theory – It’s Alright
18. Mary J. Blige – Everyday It Rains
19. Usher – Think Of You
20. Jodeci – Bring on da’ funk
21. SWV – You’re the One
22. Aaliyah – Are You Ready?
23. Soul For Real – Candy Rain
24. Yvette Michelle – Everyday and every night
25. Kreuz – Party All Night
26. R.Kelly – Thank God It’s Friday
27. Zhane – Vibe
28. Sweet Sable – For Old Time’s Sake

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Bonus Material! We just finished a mega post with alllll the videos from this mix. Check it out!



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