3 Steps To: DJ LAG

For those who don’t know, DJ LAG is considered one of the pioneers of the distinct club sound of South Africa known as Gqom (pronounced gom).

Hailing from Durban and producing music since 2010, DJ LAG (real name Lwazi Asanda Gwala) has been turning some major heads on his rise to the top, and has got the nod of approval from everyone from Kode 9 to Skrillex. Gqom is a style that (like most) is easiest to understand when heard, but is recognized for its unique rhythm pattern and its inclusion of tribal sounds – chants, natural percussion samples, woodwinds, and sometimes even birdcalls! Dancing to Gqom in a big crowd really brings you to the primal essence of the dance, but now instead of following the rhythm of a drum circle we’re following the rhythm of a drum machine. Ahead of us presenting his performance at this year’s MUTEK Festival in Montreal, we thought we’d give you a taste of what to expect!

Step 1

This should give you a good sense of LAG’s overall style and vision of Gqom. All the boxes are checked, all it needs now is a massive soundsystem to play it loudly.

Step 2

This mini documentary by the Red Bull Music Academy shows some real insight into DJ LAG’s upbringing and hometown environment, and it really sums up how and why this whole scene started.

Step 3

After all things are said and done, Gqom is made for the DJs and the clubs, and DJ LAG is the main man spinning it, so let’s leave off with this mix he did for The Wire Mag.

For those in Montreal, DJ LAG will be playing MUTEK Festival August 22, 2018 at SAT

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