3 Steps To: Equiknoxx

Kingston, Jamaica’s Equiknoxx emerged as one of Dancehall’s most innovative production teams during the 2010s.

What makes them stand apart from the rest is their ability to make both classic Dancehall hits as well as extremely left-field Dub Techno-inspired rhythms. It all stems from the same place, but it’s always cool when artists can please many crowds at once. Their sparse yet intricate tracks incorporate classic Dancehall sounds – airhorns, birdcalls, and of course massive bass tones, while always remaining unique and recognizable. The group’s core members are Gavin Blair aka Gavsborg and Jordan Chung aka Time Cow, as well as Bobby Blackbird, Kofi Knoxx, and vocalists Kemikal and Shanique Marie making frequent appearances live and behind the boards. They’ve since created the Equiknoxx Music label to promote the many musicians that surround them in the Dancehall community, and nowadays it’s easiest to think of Equiknoxx as an entire collective rather than a duo.

Ahead of us presenting Equiknoxx at this year’s MUTEK Festival in Montreal, we thought we’d share some key releases to get you ready!

Step 1

“Bubble” is a great example of Equiknoxx’s ability to make classic Dancehall rhythms which are perfect for MC and vocalist features.

Step 1.5

Just to show you how drastically different their productions can get we thought we’d highlight this track from their release “Bird Sound Power” on DDS.

Step 2

This is too dope. To close out the Equiknoxx show in Madrid, MC Shanique Marie goes acapella and absolutely kills it!

Step 3

This guest mix for Ninja Tune’s mighty Solid Steel platform captures the true soundsystem approach which inspires Equiknoxx’s music. Plenty of pop culture references, sound tags and the likes to really get the party moving!

For those in Montreal, Equiknoxx will be playing MUTEK Festival August 22, 2018 at SAT

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