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Album of the Week: Children of Zeus “Travel Light”

Soul Hip-Hop

The Manchester duo of Konny Kon and Tyler Daley known as Children of Zeus have finally dropped their hotly tipped debut album titled “Travel Light”.

They built up quite a buzz on the soulful streets following three sell-out singles on First Word and a compilation EP comprised of tracks made by the duo over the last decade entitled ‘The Story So Far…’. Children of Zeus have truly arrived, with the symbolic title of the debut album “Travel Light” about keeping their eyes on the road ahead, whilst shedding the baggage they’ve accumulated over the years – as Ms. Badu would say, “One day all them bags gon’ get in your way, so pack light!”

Vocal guests mainly come from fellow Mancunians [ K S R ], LayFullStop, Metrodome (Levelz) and DRS. Guest production comes in the form of Sebb Bash, Juga-Naut, Beat Butcha, Mr Thing and let’s not forget our favourite, the K15 collaboration ‘Vibrations’ which is an instant Jazz-Soul-Broken Beat classic.

Both Konny and Tyler have spent the last two decades as very active members of the Soul and Hip Hop scenes in Manchester which might explain why there is such a feeling of old meeting the new. As Raphael Saadiq’s album mentioned, this has a feel of “Instant Vintage” where grown and mature sounds meet uncompromising and progressive art.

As Children Of Zeus mentioned in a recent interview, “the actual music we make probably would have got lost in among the very similar type of sounds of the [’90s]. The other part is that it wasn’t just that the music wouldn’t have worked as well in the ’90s but me and Tyler, what we’re doing now could only have worked after everything we’ve been through, I think. We just wouldn’t have done this when we were younger, it just wouldn’t have worked.”

Well, enough looking back. The time is now!

“Travel Light” released July 13, 2018 on First Word Records

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