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The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #03 “Sleep” (Hosted by ASMA)

For this episode we are going to the relaxing realm with a show dedicated to soothing classical sounds. A 33 minute escapade into the great composers’ most calming repertoires. From Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony (used in a Simpsons episode) to the  Read more  »

The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #02 “The Legacy Of Pablo Casals” (Hosted by ASMA)

For our second instalment we will be exploring the life, times and music of legendary cellist Pablo Casals. Apart from being one of the first and finest cello interpreters in the world, Casals brought Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello back  Read more  »

The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #01 (Hosted by ASMA)

The Classicaliszt is meant to be a guide to Classical music for the casual listener. Using my passion for the genre pressed on vinyl, I hope to share some knowledge and to introduce some incredible compositions to your musical rotation!  Read more  »

Future Classics

High Klassified “Kanvaz” (Fool’s Gold Records)

Fresh off his first platinum plaque, the Laval producer comes through with a stellar and eclectic EP. To think he almost lost it all! Indeed, after having his hard drive stolen mid-performance… all the material for High Klassified’s upcoming album  Read more  »

Tumbao Radio

Tumbao Radio – Show #05 “Vacile Picotero” (Hosted by Tumbao)

The latest instalment of Tumbao Radio is a vinyl-fueled ride through the barrios of Cartagena and Barranquilla, a VACILE PICOTERO, inspired by the streetside soundsystem culture and afro-colombian rarities typical of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Congolese Soukous, Ghanaian Highlife,  Read more  »