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Mix of the day: J Boogie “Vintage Diversity: A Tribute to Donald Byrd”

from J-Boogie: “Donald Byrd has been a huge influence to myself and several other DJs and producers in the game since the Blue Note era. He was one of the first to bridge the gab between jazz, funk, soul and  Read more  »

Music Documentaries

“The Godfather of Disco” Documentary on Mel Cheren & West-End Records

This documentary is more than just about the life of Mel Cheren, it’s a a great time capsule for what was a great era in New York City club culture; the burgeoning disco sound, unified dance floors consisting of every  Read more  »

Luke Native - Nordic Trax

Luke Mckeehan Interview (Vancouver, Nordic Trax)

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the one and only, Luke Mckeehan; a trailblazer in his own right, the man wears many hats on the daily grind. Internationally he’s known as a world class house DJ and  Read more  »

Dj Mixes

Mix of the Day: Hubbz “Natural Instinct” 45’s Mix

My brother from another mother, the one and only, DJ Hubbz, just dropped a new all 45 mix for the heads. This mix is a seamless fusion of funk, cumbia, dub & latin infused beats. On top of being one  Read more  »

DJ Spiltmilk “Spiltmilk EP”

The good homie, Spiltmilk, dropped his new EP today. All three tracks are straight up dance floor fillers, laced with enough funk to get your body moving uncontrollably. Some may know him from his days DJing and throwing parties in  Read more  »