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Forgotten Treasures

Dr. Mary Sullivan Bain “Do You Know Black History” (1985, Backatcha Records)

via Backatcha: A teacher by trade, Dr Mary Sullivan Bain recorded her musical works to be used as an educational and motivational tool in the Miami-Dade public school system she taught in. Dr Bain’s daughter Pruchelle explains, “She found a  Read more  »

Future Classics

Lemy Leopard “Nobody Else”

After the successful release of the “Hot Nights” EP in 2016, “The Leopard” is back with some new flavours! His new EP “Nobody Else” is an amazing nod to his influences. Nobody Else by Lemy Leopard From New Jack Swing  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

George Mukabi “Furaha Wenye Gita” (Olvido / Raw Music / Mississippi Records)

via Olvido: An almost mythical figure of African acoustic guitar, George Mukabi’s reinvention of fingerstyle quickly spread from western Kenya throughout East Africa before his tragic death in 1963. Hailing from the Luhya-speaking Kisa Region, George Mukabi combined local elements  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

Sun Ra “Exotica” (1956–1968, Modern Harmonic)

Across the history of Jazz, there is no wilder, more future-forward composer and performer than Herman Poole Blount, aka Sun Ra. Known as much for his wild on-stage persona as his innovative compositions, Sun Ra was the avant-garde bleeding edge  Read more  »

Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: Jonny Faith (Tru Thoughts, Melbourne)

With my newest EP I’ve found myself drawn back to the sounds of Jungle and DnB that I grew up with in the UK, so with this mix I decided to dig back into my collection of early Jungle and  Read more  »