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Music Worth Your Time – May 2016 Recap

The amount of releases, reissues, unofficial remixes, edits, compilations that comes out every single week is absolutely enormous. Even to the most insatiable diggers like us it can be a bit dizzying sometimes. Since you probably have better things to  Read more  »

MIMS Lists

Who to Watch in 2016 – Picked by the MIMS Family

We can finally put to rest all of our Best of 2015 lists along with the beautiful music and great discoveries that were made last year. Looking forward, we joined all of our collective heads and asked the MIMS collaborators  Read more  »

SEX TAPE – MIMS Playlist

There is certainly no shortage of love / soulful / baby making anthems. We thought you might want to hear some of our favorite sexy time selections. Because nothing is worse than putting on a record and being thrown off by  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

10 BROKEN BEAT Forgotten Treasures – Picked by Moonstarr, Lexis & Scott C

Almost 20 years later  there is still something magical about Broken Beat scene and those few years when it was the most interesting dance floor music around. Not only have most of the classic tracks aged extremely well but the scene  Read more  »

Music Tech & Art

2014 Gift Guide for Music Lovers

Every year we do a little list of all of the music related gifts we’d like to receive or give ourselves if we had just won the lottery. So here is the MIMS gift guide to music lovers (and nerds)  Read more  »