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Yes, we’re really late with this one but since we’ve wanted to do a Halloween playlist for a while now we figured we’d get to it and improve it for next year. Halloween music is one of the most fun  Read more  »


When it comes to choosing a car, all you really need is 4 wheels and a booming sound system. So we thought we’d help you out with a few selections for your ride to work, the scenic route on a California highway,  Read more  »

LET’S GET MARRIED (Dancing) – MIMS Playlist

For most DJs, doing a wedding gig can be one of the toughest challenges. Most of the time, the DJ is relegated to the role of human Juke box. But there are those people out there for who music plays  Read more  »


Here is a collection of tracks to listen to on a sunny morning. Whether you’re nice and rested after a good night or if you need a bit of help after a bit of a rough one. Music to cook  Read more  »

24 Hours of Vinyl

Founded in Montreal in 2011 by the Music Is My Sanctuary collective, 24 HOV is day-long musical marathon celebrating vinyl records and DJ / record collector culture. A unique worldwide event series that go from city to city to explore  Read more  »