AVR 06 w/ D&E Records [Chicago]

After another break, Advibe Radio is back with episode number 6. For this episode we return to Chicago and check in with Dave Maze and Erica Kane of D&E Records.

Dave and Erica recorded this mix live at one of their record release parties at @606records some months ago.

Jake: First off, let’s talk entry points… how did you two get into the dance music/DJ scene?

Dave: I got into DJing at the age of 12 listening to Frankie and Farley Keith. Erica and I met through music in 2003 and I started mentoring her interest in DJing shortly after.

Did it all start for you in Chicago? Tell us a little about your history please.

Dave: Yes, everything started for me here in Chicago. My first pair of Technics were SL B100 belt drive turntables, which I got from Radio Shack along with my Realistic mixer. I remember buying a lot of doubles back then to do tricks, and I remember my first two records (doubles of course) were White Horse and Thousand Finger Man.

You’re currently running a label right? Tell us a bit about that, if you don’t mind.

Dave: I am pretty much running the label on my own with distribution, production, A&R, etc but Erica gives me great ideas and input.

How did that come about and how many releases in are you?

Dave: I always wanted to start my own label but never really had time to get it done. Right now we are 3 releases in, Italo Dizco, D&e Chicago EP, and Ndi Kanyi (afrobeat).

Is there a focus or particular direction for the label?

Dave: Our focus is to put out good music for everyone and create a style that is outside of the box sonically.

Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Dave: Very excited about doing some rework disco edits from Erica’s selection. Look of for Volume 1 of EKANE EDITS coming soon.

I think I saw you had something going on with Cem over in the UK. Tell us a bit about your time there. Was that your first trip over? I think I remember something with you at Love Vinyl before too, was that the same trip?

Dave: Yes, we were the featured DJs at SPUN UK event in london with Cem Celyan. Also, we had our annual in-store record release at Love Vinyl. This was my second trip to Europe but it was Erica first. Also, we paid a visit to BBE store and met Pete the owner. We played on MI SOUL radio with Jeremy and I was just in the Netherlands in September playing the RAW CUTS event.

I also saw that one of you or both of you had recently been out to spend time with Dela in Phoenix, did you get to play out there? How did you like Phoenix? Any plans to go back?

Dave: We were just visiting Don and Dela. We did not play. Phoenix was cool just sight seeing. Might go back in Janurary… when its not hot lol.

Can you also briefly tell us about what you do outside of DJing and running a label? I know you do some awesome work related to Autism. What is it you do and how/why did you get into that? I’m particularly interested, as my nephew is on the spectrum.

Dave: My company – Amazing Sensory Designs – provides customized sensory music rooms and products for people with Autism. I have been working with people with cognitive impairment and Autism for over 20 years now, so it’s a big part of my life.

That’s incredible! Thank you for what you do, Dave. Now, back to DJing, where in Chicago is your favorite place to play?

Dave: I like playing at Danny’s or loft parties that I put together from time to time.

And, where or who do you get most of your inspiration from?

Dave: Most of my inspiration comes from Erica and Darryn Jones.

Thanks for the time, Dave and keep up the good work. Can you tell us when/where the mix you’ve kindly shared with us was recorded?

Dave: The mix was recorded around 6 or so months ago at 606 Records in Pilsen during one of our D&E record release events.

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