Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Barber Shop Emcee’s “Music, Money & Women” (1999)


I was moving my records to my new place last weekend and I stumbled across that piece of wax that I found back in the day at Tabou Records (R.I.P) in Montreal on Ste-Catherine St.

It was DJ Skeptik who introduced me to that track. When I found it in the used bins I really didn’t care that the sound was cracking in the first few bars… That beat is timeless.  This is the very definition of a forgotten treasure, it came out as a B side to a Dilated Peoples track on a label that no one ever heard from again (Rah Rah Entertainment).  Can’t wait to play this to my kids 15 years from now. Until then, do yourself a favor and appreciate.



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