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Future Classic: Big Dada presents “Grime 2.0”

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

Don’t look for braces in a gift horse’s mouth, they say! Along comes, in a nicely thumping gallop, the latest grime compilation from Ninja Tune‘s off shot Big Dada compiled by  none other than writer / A&R extraordinaire Joe Muggs. Adding “2.0” to the title should set it aside from all the retrospective compilation that have popped up recently (the outstanding Ruff Sqwad compilation, a classics compilation on Rinse, and others).

Quite obviously, Grime still has a musical and cultural relevance in 2013. The neon synths that grime sported can be found anywhere these days. Giving props to early grime and calling it an important influence is common practice among the young and upcoming producers of today. New releases of any genre are sold with reference to Ruff Sqwad or the eski-versum. Aspirant producers from around the world try their hands at the grimy stuff, hoping to deflect the attention of labels and important blogs to their soundcloud. Grime has detached itself from the pirate radio and MC roots and has become a globalized catchword. Let’s tighten the saddle strap and check out “Grime 2.0”!

Inkke - L-O-K

The title “Grime 2.0” makes the obvious link to the first wave of grime tunes in the noughties, or what some conservatives now already label “golden era grime”. And we accordingly find a good number of tunes on the 2 CD compilation produced by old-time big names. Wiley’s there, and Youngstar and MRK1. A whole bunch of names we’ve heard of quite a bit recently like Spooky, Royal-T or Starkey. Add Tre Mission from Toronto and Matt Shadetek from New York for a lightly tossed salad with international seasoning.

Matt Shadetek – Battery Charge

We find some big heavy beats with the obligatory square waves and octave jumps. The “boing” bassdrum from Youngstar’s “Pulse X” is another brand recognition feature and makes its appearance. Influences from trap and US hip hop are obvious. Form dubstep, too. Cut-up and pitched vocal samples a gogo of course. Overall with an emphasize on the heavy side of beats, which will make for some good moves on the dancefloor.

Darq E Freaker - Trojan

… nice example. (Remember his beat for Danny Brown, btw?)

There sure is great music on this compilation! Still, we miss some of the most interesting producers of the last years – an S-X or Kid D beat would surely have added value to the lot, a Samename tune would have made for some melodic absurdity. But as mentioned, don’t look for grills in a gift horse’s mouth … or however that saying went. This is a galloping race here, and not dressage!

Grime 2.0 is released in North America on May 14th


1. “Oh My Gosh” – Footsie
2. “Dollar Bill” – Tre Mission
3. “Rum and Coke” – Teeza
4. “Dem Times” – Visionist
5. “5000” – Faze Miyake
6. “Cartwheel” – TRC
7. “Logan’s Mind” – Chaos & Order
8. “Vinyls VIP” – Preditah
9. “Loop 29” – Youngstar
10.“Codeine and Dragon Stout” – Chimpo
11.“Bend” – DECiBEL
12.“927” – Shy One
13.“L-O-K” – Inkke
14. “Shotta Krew” – J Beatz
15. “Battery Charge” – Matt Shadetek
16. “Nail Thrower” – Juzlo
17. “Like A G” – Major Grave

1. “Trojan” – Darq E Freaker
2. “Winner” – Moony
3. “Frosty Lake” – Mr SnoWman
4. “Viking” – Mr. Mitch
5. “Logic Pro” – Wiley
6. “Smash It Up Hard” – MRK1
7. “Kissin U” – Prettybwoy
8. “Numb VIP” – Swifta Beater
9. “Mongrel” – SNK
10. “Space Cowboy VIP” – Royal-T
11. “Machine Molester” – Stenchman
12. “Arcane” – Sinden
13. “Spray” – Slackk
14. “Moonlight” – Spooky
15. “Tunnel” – Starkey
16. “Lazer Riddem” – TC4
17. “Desi Bullet” – Gumnaam
18. “Emergency” – Threnody

The Elusive

The Elusive

The first record I bought from my own money was "The New Order" by heavy metal band Testament. A record I still love dearly, but nobody wants to share this enthusiasm with me. Especially not when I play a jungle or grime set. I dropped it once, in the middle of a dubstep set in a radio show of a friend. He nearly cut me up in little pieces! Time had definitely come to seek for new and safer territory. I left my hometown Zurich and moved to Montreal.