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Mix of the Day: Uproot Andy “Worldwide Ting Mixtape”

Big up to faithful MIMS reader Simon for the heads up on this one!

Uproot Andy‘s “Worldwide Ting” Mix is a preview of tracks forthcoming on Que Bajo Records! For more info visit the Que Bajo website

1. Worldwide Dembow (ft. Pablo Piddy) – Uproot Andy
2. Homenaje a Justino (Uproot Andy RMX) – Grupo Socavon
3. El Forastero (Uproot Andy RMX) – Galileo y Su Banda
4. Raba Raba (Uproot Andy RMX) – Khaled
5. Bassoue (Uproot Andy RMX) – Les Rapaces
6. Guacha (Uproot Andy RMX) – Frikstailers
7. Lamento de un Guajiro (Uproot Andy RMX) – Fania All Stars
8. Luna Negra (Uproot Andy RMX) – Los Cojolites
9. Camino a Colombia (Uproot Andy RMX) – Estrellas de la Kumbia
10. America (Uproot Andy RMX) – Mulatu Astatke vs. K’naan ft. Mos Def
11. Sada Vasda Rahe Punjab (Uproot Andy RMX) – Mahendra Kapoor
12. Sina Makossa (Uproot Andy & Chief Boima RMX) – Les Wanyika
13. Bonina (Uproot Andy RMX) – Siba e A Fuloresta
14. Mangala Special (Uproot Andy RMX) – Kabaka International Guitar Band



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).