The Biggest Strictly Rhythm Tribute Ever?

In 1989 the world of dance music was totally different from nowadays.

While the Chicago House movement and Detroit futuristic Techno atmospheres had just exploded worldwide, the evolving New York and New Jersey House sounds were still bubbling… and about to blow up big time. Without a doubt, Strictly Rhythm became the most influential label to release music from lots of unknown producers at that time who later went on to be considered as pioneers and legends of the original House Music movement.

While founded in 1989 by Mark Finkelstein, it was the A&R work of Gladys Pizarro that firmly got the label going. Being heavily involved in the NYC club scene and music industry, she was in touch with a lot of both new and established producers. Listening to her intuition rather than what the market was demanding, she helped the label define itself during its early stages to release timeless tracks such as Logic’s ‘The Warning’ and The Underground Solution’s ‘Luv Dancin’. From that point on the label kept releasing music at a pace that has rarely been matched in dance music history. If you were heavily buying records at that time, their infamous brick wall motif was all over the place from 1990 onward – their vast and imposing catalogue consists of more than 700 releases! At their peak, Strictly Rhythm was releasing several records weekly, with people buying them on sight without even listening to them making their label a true stamp of approval.

Most importantly, they gave a big push to tons of new artists who quickly became household names in the scene. Roger S., Wayne Gardiner, Erick “More” Morillo, Armand Van Helden, Krimp, 95 North, Roy Davis Jr. and Josh Wink are prime examples of this situation. Other established producers also joined the label and were given total freedom to push the boundaries of dance music overall. People like DJ Pierre, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, Louie Vega, Todd Terry, George Morel, Danny Tenaglia, MK, Scottie Deep, Kerri Chandler, Brothers Of Peace, Mood II Swing and countless others!

From straight up Garage screamers to atmospheric late night deepness, from tribal House to more electronic experiments, from funky Disco edits to straight up dance music anthems, Strictly Rhythm is a truly unique label that perfectly captured the effervescence of the world-renowned New York club scene of the 1990s!



1.Sultans Of Swing – Move It To The Right
2.Platinum Crew – Getting Me Hot
3.Keman – Move
4.Morel’s Groove Part 4 – Let’s Groove
5.Full Swing – Freestyle Groove
6.House 2 House – Let Me Tell You Something
7.Static – Touch Me Baby
8.Deep Soul – The Rhythmz
9.R.B.M. – The Boy
10.Circle Children – Mamba Mama
11.Raw Power – Wanna Be Your Girl
12.Nicole Lamons – I Think You’re Gonna Like It
13.Hardrive – No Cure
14.Scram – Jump & Sing
15.Simone – Hey Fellas
16.Darci – Let’s Talk About It
17.Ira Levi – Free Your Mind
18.Politix Of Dancin’ – Release
19.Banji Boys – Love Thang
20.Reality – Yolanda
21.Joey Washington ft The Mens Club – Just Us
22.Storm & Herman – K-Rels Boogie
23.K.C.Y.C. – Stompin Grounds
24.The Sleepwalkers – New Thang
25.Scottie Deep ft Toni Williams – Soul Searchin
26.Butch Quick – Higher
27.Groove Patrol – I Can Feel It
28.The Underground Solution – Luv Dancin’
29.The Untouchables – Dance To The Rhythm
30.Reel 2 Real ft Erick Moore – The New Anthem
31.Beatboxx ft Chazzie – Keep On Jumpin’
32.Urban Rhythm – Feel It Baby All Nite
33.House 2 House – Hypnotize Me
34.Mood-Vibes – Rosario & Morel’s Trance
35.The Knightmen – Running
36.Chicago Syndicate ft LaVette – Move Your Body



1.Logic – The Warning
2.Mecca – Herbal Essence
3.After Hours – Waterfalls
4.Uzuri – Key Waves
5.DV8 – Old School House
6.Dance Syndication – Dancefloor
7.Scram – Come On
8.Raw Power – Movement
9.Essence – Just A Touch
10.K.C.Y.C. – Under Control
11.DV/8 – Give It All To You
12.Earl Bennett – Alright
13.Hardrive ft L.G. – Sindae
14.DV8 – This Beat Is Over
15.Emenar One – Get Your Thang Together
16.The Al Mack Project – Nightlife
17.Aly-Us – Go On
18.Unity – Work It Out
19.Chronic Sounds – Evelin’s Basement
20.The Untouchables – Somethin Bugged
21.Sound Advice ft Keith Thompson – Love And Understanding
22.Frontline Symphony – Reach Out
23.Guys From Philly – Everybody Move
24.U.P.I. – Better Love
25.Yoshito – Soul Kissin
26.Total Ka-Os – Get On Up
27.House 2 House – Boom
28.Simone – My Family Depends On Me
29.Rhythm Factor ft Vee Woodruff – Survive



1.Kitchen Sync – Shhh… Deeper
2.Bass Hitt ft Dreamgirl Vee – The Beat That Makes U Move
3.Bass Hit – Hey
4.Groove Patrol – Need Your Love
5.K.C.Y.C. – I’m Not Dreaming
6.Cookie Watkins – Love Can Save
7.Club Vibes – Let’s Go
8.Erick “More” Morillo – Dancing
9.The Believers – Who Dares To Believe In Me
10.Darkman – Annihilating Rhythm
11.Logic – Blues For You
12.Logic – The Flavor Of Love
13.Club Zone – Dangerous
14.Uzuri – Shake
15.U.P.I. – No Baby
16.The A.N.M. Project – Into The Dark
17.Hardhead – Toothbrush Country
18.Sun, Sun, Sun – Curious
19.Sole Fusion – Bass Tone
20.Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People
21.Hardrive – Deep Inside
22.Smooth Touch – House Of Love
23.The Rhythm Project – Cum On
24.Total Ka-Os – Something Old School
25.Twilight Network – Daylight
26.R.A.W. – Keep Movin
27.Aly-Us – Follow Me
28.D-Tune – Just An Organ
29.2 Hype D.J.’s – It’s Just A Groove
30.Reel 2 Real – Go On Move
31.Ace – I’m Happy



1.Sound Waves – I Wanna Feel The Music
2.Insight ft Ashaye – Fantasy
3.Logic – The Difference
4.The Wamdue Project – Remember The Memory
5.Thee Housecat Experience – Life
6.Scram – Break Of Dawn
7.Logic – Celebrate Life
8.South Street Player – Stop Using People
9.Essence – Moments In House
10.After Hours – Feel It
11.Total Capacity – Celebrate
12.World Premiere – Try
13.D-Tune – Don’t Let Go
14.Warpath – I Believe
15.Earl Bennett – So Glad (I Found You)
16.K.E.L.S.E.Y. – This Way
17.House 2 House – Do 4 Me
18.Paradise By Insight – Paradise By Insight
19.George Morel – In A Groove
20.Shadii – My People
21.The Untouchables – Go Bah (Los Africanos)
22.Afro-Cube – Sugar Cane
23.Dan Curtin Presents Time Undefined – Cascade
24.E-Culture – Tribal Confusion
25.Krimp – Feel It
26.Reality Check – Fantasy
27.Joint Venture – Master Blaster (Turn It Up)
28.The Believers ft Heather Wildman – Gotta Keep Holding On



1.Roger S. – Let Yo Body Jerk
2.Barbara Tucker – I Get Lifted
3.Sneak Essentials – In Da Clouds
4.U.P.I. – Without Love
5.Kitchen Sync 2 – Police Squad
6.RBM – Latin Flavor
7.Tribal Infusion – Sumba-Lumba
8.U.P.I. – That String Track
9.Jack And Jill – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Fierce)
10.Black Magic – Freedom (Make It Funky)
11.Krimp – In The Spirit
12.The Mole People – Break Night
13.Lou2 – Freaky
14.Equinox – Code 718
15.Loop 7 – The Theme
16.636 ft Arnold Jarvis – Rain
17.The Untouchables – Just Da Way U Want
18.Instrum – Say Yeah
19.U.P.I. – Outta Site
20.K.E.L.S.E.Y. – Boy
21.CLS – Can You Feel It
22.Djaimin – Give You
23.Hardrive – Just Believe
24.DJ PIerre – Pump It Up
25.Ira Levi – Nothin’ (Stop Me Now)
26.Sole Fusion – We Can Make It
27.Butch Quick – Under Pressure
28.Jump-N-Jazz Cafe ft Blue Jean – You Make Me Feel Good
29.D.E.K. ft Edward Nicholas – You Make Me Carry On
30.Logic – Hold Me
31.Mark Davis – You’re Special
32.Roy Davis Project III – Just A Lil Luv
33.Barbara Tucker – Stay Together
34.Colonel Abrams – Victim Of Loving You
35.South Street Player – (Who) Keeps Changing Your Mind
36.The Crucibles – I Need You So Bad Baby
37.Sound Waves – Give It Up Girl
38.Ecstasy Boys – Holy Spirit Dance
39.Ira Levi – Do What You Like

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