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Exclusive Premiere: Fred Everything “Wherever You Go”

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Here’s the first teaser from Fred Everything’s upcoming LP “Long Way Home”, coming out in June on Lazy Days Recordings.

For the first single ‘Wherever You Go’, Fred keeps things sunny and Balearic, welcoming in the summer sun. The rhythms are jacking, but the melody keeps it cool and breezy. Fred invited Lauer of Tuff City Kids to deliver two great versions of ‘Wherever You Go’ which will be included on the flipside, keeping the balearic vibe intact while adding a dose of acid tuffness!

We asked Fred a few questions to give a window into its creation and where it fits in his forthcoming album.

How did the creation of the track start?

I wrote the chords for this on my girlfriend’s electric piano. She had it out to work on a piece we did together. There’s something about 88 weighted keys that just beg you to play and come up with nice progressions. No endless presets or tweaking distractions, just a few sounds for inspiration. I used the string sounds from the keyboard and took them into my studio within Logic. Instantly, I was inspired by early ’90s Italo/Dream House adding delayed organs and percussions, and later I added the sampled chants that I had been saving for the right tune.

How did you get in touch with Lauer about the remixes?

I had been playing a lot of his stuff lately and he’s quite fond of this vibe. Him and Gerd Janson remixed my ‘Winter Tones’ track under their Tuff City Kids moniker a few years ago on Drumpoet Community and he said yes right away. The next morning, I had one idea in my inbox and by the end of the day, I had another one! I knew he worked fast but damn! He even gave me an extra Acid Dub which we’re giving away now as a bonus track. It was a real pleasure working with him.

What was the hardest part to get right when creating this track?

The backbone of the track came quite easily. I don’t get stuck with structures very much. I say maybe the mix was a little hard to get right as there is this balance of something very pretty (strings, keyboards, birds…) with this beat that is slightly rough and a bit “wrong” in a way. I had to fight with myself not to fix things too much as I like the tension of the two together. In the end, it turned out to be one of the best sounding tracks on the album.

Is there an event or a time in your life that this song is directly linked to in terms of inspiration or reason for being created?

As with the name of the album, “Long Way Home” speaks about my return to my hometown of Montreal after almost a decade in San Francisco, and this track also brings me back home. Nothing was forced, I let everything come to me naturally. At that time, I was listening back to a lot of Balearic stuff I used to listened to in the ’90s and also a lot of Ambient music which made me feel even more at home.

“Wherever You Go” releases May 4, 2018 on Lazy Days Recordings

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