Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Cassiano “Cuban Soul 18 Kilates” (1976)


A true Brazilian Soul Gem that’s as rare as hen’s teeth, is being reissued and finally the world will be able to bask in the sunny arrangements that made Cassiano‘s music so ephemeral.

A soul signer who went through a lot of groups and studios in the Brazilian music industry. Cassiano hit his stride when he focused on simple soul singing and had his first hit with the dream A Lua e Eu when it became the theme song for a soap opera. The album is full of Tim Maia esque larger than life syrupy arrangements beuatifully complemented by Cassiano’s soulful vocal tone.

However, it’s all about the incredible song Onda. This is literally the by the beach anthem and a song I could listen to on repeat for hours on end. Complete with albatros squawks and wave sounds this incredible opus to relaxation and vibes (onda) is the perfect blend of a driving bassline and subtle percussions all driven by a disco sound almost submerged in beach water and sunshine. The vocals and simple repetitive quality to the song remind me of Eddie Kendrick’s Date with Rain (noth have incredible extended 12″ singles) in its drive and consistency. Basically you need to get lost in this amazing slice of Brazilian Soul and you might catch a tan once you put down your earphones.

and of course the brilliant use of “Onda” in NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxledge) track “Link Up”

DJ Asma

DJ Asma

A Montreal native with West-African roots, Antoine started developing a love for records when his father passed his collection of French, African, Caribbean and Brazilian classics onto him. Ever since, the collector turned selector has spent countless hours in musky basements both here and abroad (Dakar, Lima, Paris, Quito, Rio) in the never-ending search for the perfect beat!