Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Cloud One “Flying High” (1981)

Disco Soul & Funk

If you’re into soul/disco/boogie etc, chances are you know Patrick Adams (or you just don’t know that you know him).

Theoretically, a DJ could play entire sets exclusively comprised of Adams’ releases 1) without anyone noticing and 2) have it sound just as fresh, diverse, and down-right enjoyable as any other great disco mix they’ve done. In fact, this is beginning to sound like a very tempting challenge, so I may just have to try it out sometime.

Once you find out that he is the genius behind funky staples like “Weekend” (Phreek), “It Ain’t No Big Thang” (Donna McGhee), “Keep On Jumpin’” (Musique) and “Touch Me” (Fonda Rae) his 30+ gold and platinum records start to make sense.

I chose his work as Cloud One with “Flying High” for MIMS’ Forgotten Treasures Comp #2 for it’s instantly catchy and crisp beat, intensely spastic vocoded “wahs” that totally catch everyone off guard and it’s smooth dreamy chords yin-yanged with the nervous free-style experimentations of some funky cosmic-synth foolery. Another thought was that it would make a good crossover song that could interest hip-hop heads as well. Having worked on over 1000 recordings, just think of all the times this man’s been sampled!

P.S – I don’t normally recommend “best of” records, but given Adam’s extensive work under many different names, it’s proves to be very educational so you really can’t go wrong checking them out.

Cloud One - Flying High

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