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The Colours That Rise “2020” (Breaker Breaker)

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The sound of ‘2020’ is new jazz and old funk with an electronic city pace, brought to you by The Colours That Rise.

Made up of multi-instrumentalists and producers Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams, their ‘2020’ EP is a confident guide through future sounds and past histories from a time yet to come.

Created using analogue synths and acoustic instruments, the 4 track EP works as the score to a yet to be created animation. ‘2020’ is an experimental electronic voyage that emerges from the ambient and arrives on the dance floor. Hailing from London, England the duo carve out their own unique sound in the flourishing new Jazz scene that London has to offer. These young cats who have grown up listening to Garage, Broken Beat, Hip Hop, and Grime; it’s great to see them take all their influences and turn them on their head to produce some really forward-thinking music. While more and more acts are popping up with this same mentality, it’s positive to know that they all do it a little different, they all have their own signature. The Colours That Rise are no exception, and we look forward to hearing more from these two!

“2020” released September 15, 2017 on Breaker Breaker

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