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COMFORT FIT “Forgotten Treasures Mix #11”


We are really happy to present the eleventh instalment of our MIMS forgotten treasure mix series. After great mixes from Zed BiasTakuFred EverythingTall Black Guy and others the 11th mix comes from Comfort Fit, a very talented producer from Germany who we have been big fans of for years! He is a Berlin-based producer with a formidable and versatile musical range—think early Detroit techno, minimal electronica, jazz, broken beat, hip-hop—able to switch styles within a chord change, moving genres very deftly.

After putting out several releases on Tokyo Dawn and Error Broadcast he is now releasing a new LP called “Worlds Falling Appart” on the really great First Word Records label. You can check out the preview clips at the bottom of this post

Jacques Siroul – Midway
Gary Wilson – Very small town
Jeff Haskell – Under your spell again
Comfort Fit – Dr Snuggles Revenge // unreleased
Comfort Fit – Rolling Triplets // unreleased
Brave New World – Epilogue
Jonti – Koi Moon’s Daughter Pt 2
Greg Allman – Midnight Rider
The Pawnshop – My shade
The Pawnshop – The Telegraph is calling
Zodiac – Zodiac
The Electric Concept Orchestra – Aquarius
Comfort Fit – Adolar plays violin // unreleased
Jacques Siroul – See

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Comfort Fit – Official Website
Comfort Fit – Soundcloud

Comfort Fit – Worlds Falling Apart

Released on July 15th, 2013 (First Word Records)



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).