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CoOp Presents: “Selectors Assemble Vol. 3”

Broken Beat

With the third installment of the “Selectors Assemble” EPs put out by label bosses IG Culture and Alex Phountzi, the quality bar remains high… real high.

This collection of more than capable producers showcases the current interpretation of the West London movement and how it now informs the London Bruk scene and other contemporary bass music structures. Let me put it another way – these are six tracks designed for dance floor “bassweight” business. Straight heat, flammables front to back.

This one includes a revisit of the Quango jam ‘Rock It Tonight’, punched up here by the label heads under the moniker NameBrandSound. It features vocalist Eska delivering summery vibes amidst a stutter step upswing and light minor keyboard atmospherics. Another standout is the serious layin’ the cut mood put down by James Rudie on ‘Box D’ – the blissful union of bass line, cooling chords, snare hits and 4/4 house swing classes up the joint merely by association.

Previous editions of the special “Selectors Assemble” EPs have been played by selectors such as Benji B, Josey Rebelle, Alex Nut, Shy One, Marc Mac, Lefto, Kev Beadle, Nick Luscombe, Simbad, Thris Tian, Stuart Patterson, Bradley Zero, and Mr Thing to name a few.

“Selectors Assemble Vol. 3” released May 18, 2018 by CoOp Presents

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John-Paul Shiver

John-Paul Shiver

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