Crucial Material – Best Releases Of The Week (January 19th, 2019)

Time to turn the page on 2018, musically a truly outstanding year on so many fronts. From Jazz, Rap, Experimental to more Club-driven Sounds the amount of incredible music was staggering!

Thankfully, our Crucial Material is slowly but surely becoming one of the best weekly recaps in the world scanning the hundreds of new releases and sharing only the cream of the crop.

So here it is, Crucial Material for the week of January 19th 2019!


Joe McPhee “Nation Time”

Genre: Jazz
Label: Superior Viaduct
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Bay Area’s Superior Viaduct label has reissued saxophonist Joe McPhee’s 1971 free-willing jazz classic ‘Nation Time.’ Originally released on the small CjR imprint, the very rare three track recording, which features the all-time cooker “Shakey Jake,” fuses funky backing grooves with McPhee’s fiery post-Coltrane tenor solos and melodies.
– Selected by TJ Gorton (Beat Caffeine)

Boo Williams “A Little Something For You”

Genres: House / Deep House
Label: Groovin
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Finding a solid, playable copy of this under $50 is no easy feat. Originally released on Chicago’s Guidance Recordings imprint in 1998, this was Boo’s 2nd EP for the label and is a favorite among many Deep House heads. Thanks to Groovin Italy, it’s now widely available and priced right.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Radiance feat. Andrea Stone “You’re My Number 1”

Genres: Disco / Funk / Boogie
Label: Best Record
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‘You’re My Number 1’ is an Italo-styled boogie number from NYC circa ’83. Mixed by Munzibai & Morales, everything sits perfectly in it’s place allowing no distractions from the groove. This re-issue cuts the fluff, leaving only the Vocal and Dub mixes in scope. Recommended!
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

El Da Sensai & Skye “Feel This”

Genres: Hip Hop / Rap
Label: Backatcha
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Two people came to mind when I first heard the clips for ‘Feel This’: Lexis and my man Shazam Bangles. Why? ‘Cuz this is high quality Hip Hop right here. Unreleased at the time of recording in 1998, this single has been dug up from Skye’s archives and now sees the light of day via Backatcha (there’s that name again). El Da Sensai’s lyrical prowess and delivery on one side, instrumental version on the other. Buy two copies.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Black Sugar “Viajecito / Too Late”

Genre: Latin Funk
Label: Matasuna Records
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Matasuna Records releases the first ever official reissue of Black Sugar’s very obscure 1971 seven-inch single “Viajecito/Too Late.” The original has been one of the most in demand Latin American forty-fives, going for many hundreds of dollars. Now fully remastered, this rare Peruvian funk single is now made readily available again.
– Selected by TJ Gorton (Beat Caffeine)

Erlon Chaves “Procura-se Uma Virgem”

Genre: Brazilian Funk / Jazz
Label: Mad About Records
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A welcomed reissue of Erlon Chaves’ 1971 soundtrack to the Brazilian soft porn movie ‘Procura-se Uma Virgem.’ The record is a nice mixture of funky organ instrumental tracks, erotic lounge grooves, and heavy percussion breaks. Limited to only 500 copies!
– Selected by TJ Gorton (Beat Caffeine)


Brian Ellis “Deep Clues”

Genre: Modern Funk
Label: Hobocamp
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Producer extraordinaire / multi-instrumentalist Brian Ellis is back with a new LP “Deep Clues”, an 8-track project seamlessly encapsulating elements of funk, soul, adult-oriented rock (AOR), boogie, and electro. Ellis talent is undeniable, and he shows off his versatility with this project, which is available on both vinyl and cassette format.
– Selected by Walla P

Fred Fades & Jawn Rice “Jacuzzi Boyz”

Genre: Modern Funk / House
Label: Mutual Intentions
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“Jacuzzi Boyz” is a brand new project produced by Fred Fades & Jawn Rice, where the 2 Norwegian producers join forces to produce a stellar house/electronic project, with strong elements of jazz sprinkled all over it. Mutual Intentions delivers quality once again.
– Selected by Walla P

Ill Considered “5” + “6”

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Jazz
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These two essential new albums from jazz supergroup ILL CONSIDERED, recorded little more than a year after their first, intended to be listened to together, showcase the group’s rapid development. Leon Brichard on electric & upright bass, Idris Rahman on tenor sax and now bass clarinet (with devastating effect on “Incandescent Rage”, Emre Ramazanoglu on drums (plus mix & mastering, ensuring a fantastic sound) & Satin Singh on percussion, sound more & more in tune with other. Big grooves, strange melodies, energy on a par with the heaviest metal, these LPs truly live up the powerful impact of their live performances.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti (Boom Music / Colectivo Futuro)