Crucial Material — May 17th, 2021

Another bumper edition of Crucial Material full of essential listening.

Here are our favorite EP’s, Albums and Reissues of the past couple of weeks. As always we encourage you to buy digital or physical releases if you discover a release you love. Support artists and labels!


Carlos Niño & Friends — More Energy Fields, Current

Los Angeles-based percussionist and producer teams up with a stellar cast of musicians to release a cosmic ambient jazz masterpiece that is full of earthy spiritual tones and layered rhythms. — Selected by TJ Gorton

Sons of Kemet — Black To The Future

The sax, tuba & two-drummer quartet of Shabaka Hutchings, Theon Cross, Tom Skinner & Eddie Wakili-Hick return with arguably their most vital & political album to date. — Selected by Oli Brunetti

Twospeak — Reflector

The London-based ensemble’s debut LP captures their distinct & highly energetic fusion of jazz, rock & electronics, with a wide rhythmic palette. — Selected by Oli Brunetti

Da Lata — Jungle Kitten / Asking Eyes 

The London-based Afro-Brazilian soulful jazz duo led by multi-instrumentalist Chris Franck & DJ/producer Patrick Forge return with an incredible 12″ featuring new renditions of two essential Brazilian jazz fusion classics. — Selected by TJ Gorton

Various — Melodies Record Club #001 selected by Four Tet

Floating Points’ Melodies International launches their ‘Record Club’ series with Four Tet selecting two jazz dance essentials, including an unreleased extended 12-plus minute version of “De I Comahlee Ah” by Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin. — Selected by TJ Gorton


SW2 ft. Moses Boyd — Bridge The Gap / Dirty South

Two-step legend and dubstep godfather El-B enters a jazz zone with drummer/producer Moses Boyd to remarkable effect. With remixes by El-B himself and junglist Sully. — Selected by Oli Brunetti

Andy Stott – Never The Right Time

The imitable sound of Andy Stott’s dense and slowed-down techno return for the 9th album on the Modern Love label. — Selected by Lexis

Yuki Takasaki – Nocturne

Very well executed 12” honouring the dub techno blueprint — Selected by Lexis

Jon Dixon – The New Tomorrow 

Detroit house/techno producer and member of the UR extended family steps in with a class EP proving once again that Jazz Is The Teacher. — Selected by Lexis

Beneath – On Tilt EP

The resurrection of a legendary label! Classic dubstep infused cybernetic techno steppers for tenebrous basements — Selected by dileta

Grid – Improvisations

Ultra varied compilation of abstract techno gems all tied together by a microscopic attention to detail — Selected by dileta

Splash Pattern – Up Next New Season

Percussive club smashers with electro influences and chilling atmospheres — Selected by dileta


Lucas Santtana & Seleçao Natural – 3 Sessions in a Greenhouse (Reissue)

Acid-fried samba, baile (punk) funke and dub carioca. Remastered and first time on vinyl, featuring tropicalista Tom Zé and manguebeat pioneer, Gilmar Bola 8 — Selected by Oli Brunetti

Color De Tropico Vol 2 – Compiled by El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas

Second essential volume via El Palmas of little-known gems from Venezuela’s recording golden age. From psychedelic cumbias to Fela & Desmond Decker versions, via funky jazz and harp-led “llanera” folk music. — Selected by Oli Brunetti

Kolonel Djafaar — Cold Heat

This brass & organ led band blends Ethio jazz, Afrobeat, Middle Eastern psych and a touch of surf, into a powerful, funky and cinematic brew. — Selected by Oli Brunetti


Ann Margareth Hogan — Funeral Cargo

Second album from Ann Margareth Hogan, ex post-punk/wave hero, on solo piano. 8 improvised gripping pieces that are all worth a deep dive — Selected by Lexis


A bristling blend of dub techno, jazz, Afro-Brazilian percussion and punk, bursting out of the São Paolo underground. — Selected by Oli Brunetti