Crucial Material – Best Releases Of The Week (November 19th, 2019)

You know we don’t follow or obey categories here. We just follow our ears and hearts and present you strictly with the crucial picks!

As always we hope you make some nice discoveries and feel free to encourage these artists/labels if you do! Enjoy and have a great week.


Still Moving “s/t EP”

Label: Lanquidity Records
Genre: Jazz / Electronic Music
Buy: Vinyl & Digital (via Bandcamp)

London based trio featuring saxophonist Nat Philipps, drummer Pike Ogilvy, and Sam Bates on both synths and drum machines releases their self-titled debut EP on Lanquidity Records. On this brilliant four track recording, the group nicely blends together moody improvisational modal jazz grooves with folk rhythms, atmospheric tones, and club-oriented electronics.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Tom Skinner, Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert “Undone – Live at the Crypt”

Label: Vinyl Factory
Genre: Jazz / Post Rock
Buy: Vinyl (via Vinyl Factory)

London’s finest, Dave Okumu on guitar, Tom Herbert on bass and Tom Skinner on drums. Better known perhaps for their work, apart, as The Invisible, Hello Skinny, Sons of Kemet, etc, they have also played together as long as can be remembered, in a variety of forms, often backing well known artists, and once upon a time as Jade Fox. However, 2018 (if not earlier) saw them on stage as a trio once more, providing a loose, yet masterful, midas touch approach to a wide range of favourites, contemporary AND “classic”, and a few originals too. “Undone” is a document of one such evening. The likes of Bjork, A.K. Paul, Mahavishnu Orchestra are reimagined as beautiful minimalist(?) impressions. Essential listening.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti

Gaijin Blues “Gaijin Blues II”

Label: Shapes of Rhythm
Genre: Experimental / Disco / Electronic / Video Game Music
Buy: Vinyl & Digital (via Bandcamp)

A superb concept album of music created for an imaginary (JRPG) Jananese Role Playing Game. Born of an obsession the duo have for the Super Nintendo adventure games set in mythical lands and Japanese music. Weaving a musical story from traditional music, fusion and disco, as with their previous EP, it’s extremely difficult to tell where live instrumentation ends and the sampling & electronic sounds begin, as there is something extremely loose and organic about the music, full of flutes, synths and percussion. The overall effect is incredibly unique and fresh, full of distinct details, but linked by subtle common themes; a thrilling and compelling musical adventure.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 “Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Night Dreamer Direct-To-Disc Session”

Label: Night Dreamer
Genre: Afrobeat
Buy: Vinyl & Digital (via Bandcamp)

First in a series of direct-to-disc releases from new label, Night Dreamer, where by the acetate master has been cut live during recording, thus promising a more honest document of the session, far closer to the source. Suffice to say, the sound of this recording is beautiful and clear, even on a compressed stream, and the power of Seun Kuti’s performance with his (and his late father’s) legendary Egypt 80 truly shines brighter than ever. Essential!
– Selected by Oli Brunetti


Label: Omniverse Recordings
Genre: Techno / Electro
Buy: Vinyl & Digital (via Bandcamp)

The unstoppable Marc Mac returns, this time returning to his Nu Era alias, for a whole double album of techno, or electro, if you like, arguably the most “soulful” this side of Detroit. Marc’s knack for synth-played melodies, drum programming and groove, continues to shine brighter than ever. Buy before this becomes a rarity like his last Nu Era LP, or at least start streaming it on loop. It’s that good.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti

Emma Jean Thackray “Too Shy 12”

Label: Total Refreshment Centre / International Anthem
Genre: Jazz / Broken Beat
Buy: Vinyl & Digital (via Bandcamp)

Two tracks from last year’s “Where We Come From (CHICAGOxLONDON)” mixtape-style release, chopped & sewn together by Makaya McCraven after a series of live stage shows and even a live remix-session (shouts to King Hippo), are given new, 12” length life on this killer 12” (and digi two-tracker). “Too Shy”, is a dancefloor killer: a 140 bpm steppah, with bruk-like keyboard stabs, snippets of Soweto Kinch’s freestyles rhymes, and finally Emma’s previously unheard vocals. On the flip, another standout, this time by Makaya with Soweto Kinch, Joe Armon-Jones, Theon Cross & Nubya Garcia, already chopped up from the live recording by Makaya, is given a tasty edit by GP himself, exploiting the tastiest elements of the original for maximum dancefloor impact.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti

Danvers “Light Movements”

Label: CoOp Presents
Genre: Broken Beat

The CoOp Presents crew return with their 6th EP closing out their second year since launching this newly formed label/crew with the name now legendary amongst Broken Beat lovers worldwide. This one does not disappoint: London’s Danvers is rapidly becoming one of our favorite producers from the new gen of Bruk producers. An incredibly well balanced 4 track EP with joints for the dancefloor, headphones and lazy sundays at home. Tip!
– Selected by Lexis

Pursuit Grooves “Bess”

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Beats / Electronic

Our uber talented friend Vanese aka Pursuit Grooves returns with 15 track, 55 minute odyssey dedicated to Bessie Coleman (1892-1926), the first Black American female pilot. PG is one of the most talented, consistant and inventive producers from the “beat generation” who broke through in the early 2000’s. Take a trip with Bessie and Pursuit Grooves with this one!
– Selected by Lexis

Fatima Al-Qadiri “Atlantics” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Label: Les Films du Bal
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Movie Soundtrack

I personally find it quite interesting to listen to a movie scores before watching the film. You can close your eyes and try to imagine the story and the cinematography that goes with the score, without any real risk of spoilers! I’ve been a huge fan of any Fatima Al-Qadiri project since her early EP’s on Fade to Mind but especially her 2014 debut album (Asiatich on Hyperdub) which I was absolutely obsessed by. This has been on repeat for the past few days for me while I walk with my eyes closed at the risk of getting hit by a bus.
– Selected by Lexis

Solitary Dancer “Rites Of Passage”

Label: Private Possessions Holland
Buy: Vinyl (via Juno)

I would recommend getting the double LP to better appreciate the finer details of sonic and visual precision behind the duo’s incredible productions. “An Angel for Everyone” represents to me the highlight of the album combining electro breaks, etherial vocals and syncopated rhythms. The album release is accompanied with a stellar video for the lead single “Violence of the Lambs”. Must Watch Must Listen Must Get!
– Selected by Bruno Destombes

Jonathan Jurion “Le Temps Fou” (The Music of Marion Brown)

Label: Komos
Buy: Vinyl (via Juno)
Stream: Spotify

The result of Guadeloupe jazz pianist Jonathan Jurion reinterpreting saxophonist and ethnomusicologist Marion Brown is the incredible combination that none of us knew we needed. The album is perfectly dosed and produced to let the ethereal reprises breathe and brings a new light on Marion’s underappreciated oeuvre. A must listen album that crosses over generations and genres all while generating its own unique energy.
– Selected by ASMA


The Pur Royale Project “Christopher”

Label: Worldship
Genre: House

You know when a**holes who know nothing about house music started calling anything and everything “deep house” and nearly ruined it for us all? Well, this is one of the records you should use to slap them across the face and remind them what Deep House really is. Hard to believe this record has never seen the light of day until now thanks to Worldship. Incredible production and outstanding vocal from Greg Bowers that’ll give you goosebumps. Act quick, only 300 pressed!
– Selected by Lexis

Gülistan “Oriental Groove”

Label: Philophon
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Buy: Vinyl & Digital (via Bandcamp)

The French-based Hot Mule label has reissued the extremely rare 1986 jazz fusion album ‘Oriental Groove’ from Gülistan. Featuring a mix of Austrian and Kurdish musicians, the seven-track recording is an exploration of European and Eastern Mediterranean-influenced jazz grooves and melodies, blended with Turkish funk and Middle Eastern rhythms.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Max Romeo & the Upsetters “Ina Babylon” (Reissue)

Label: 4 Men with Beards
Buy: Vinyl (via Juno)
Stream: Spotify

Finally, this quintessential roots reggae album gets the reissue treatment and the proper accessibility music fans deserve. Max Romeo the sublime vocalist accompanied by the legendary Upsetters produced by Lee Perry in the mythical Black Ark studio. Nuff said!
– Selected by ASMA