Crucial Material – Best Releases of the Week (October 19th, 2018)

Every single week our minds are blown at the number of good releases that get put out.

As always, you can trust us to distill the hundred of weekly new releases and boil it down to the best. So here you go, another serving of Crucial Material. Open your ears, your heart, and maybe your wallet!


Roc Marciano & DJ Muggs “Kaos”

Genres: Real Rap Music
Label: Soul Assassins

Some real dirt on this one, reminiscent of the Gangrene albums. Muggs chops up dusty Rock samples giving even more weight to Roc’s signature mafioso bars. No seconds wasted.
-Selected by Mike Jones

Ishmael Ensemble “Severn Songs 2”

Genres: Jazz/ Electronic
Label: Severn

Led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Cunningham, the Bristol-based Ismael Ensemble releases their second of a three-part 7” series, titled Severn Songs 2. Similar to the group’s previous release The Chapel, this forty-five single features two songs that beautifully fuses together jazz and electronic instrumentation with atmospheric tones and textures. The A-side “Tunnel” builds you up, while on the flip, “First Light” gives you the chance to exhale.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Gilles Peterson & Brownswood Recordings Presents “Future Bubblers 2.0”

Genres: Leftfield/ R&B/ Electronic
Label: Brownswood

The next wave of young rising acts on the “left field” music scene are highlighted on the newest Future Bubblers release. Each year artists are chosen through an application process, and then paired with an accomplished mentor of the music industry to produce a track for the compilation. Started by Gilles Peterson in 2014, this year features Skinny Pelembe, Nashe xx, Elsa Hewitt, Broadstrokes, and more.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Julien Dyne “Teal”

Genres: Electronic / Jazz / Beats
Label: Soundway Records

Swirling, altering and gliding moments with vibraphone and tiny computer-assisted voices keep our attention heightened with chaotic bliss eventually leading to sore ankles. No stagnation on this cut loud at DJ-friendly 45RPM record. So many jams here for only to feet to manoeuvre.
– Selected by Channel Subtext

Amaro Freitas “Rasif”

Genre: Jazz
Label: Far Out Recordings

Brazilian guitarist Amaro Freitas has crafted a modern jazz album inspired by the music of his homeland, steeped in the school of Hermeto Pascoal. Best exemplified in lead single, Mantra.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti (of Colectivo Futuro)

The Expansions “Mosaic”

Genre: Jazz / Funk
Label: Albert’s Favourites

The Expansions return with a jazz funk triple-header, featuring mid-tempo Azymuth inspired Transcoso and a cover of the brit funk classic by Freeez, Mariposa. Essential purchase for the home & the dancefloor.
– Selected by Oli Brunetti (of Colectivo Futuro)

Bakground “Clubjammerz”

Genres: Jungle
Label: Lobster Theremin

Chilled out lo-fi ambience mixed with smackin drum breaks. These four tracks sound as if ripped from an old rave cassette mix, cut here and there with MC samples. “No long face no screw face, simply smilin’!”
-Selected by Mike Jones

Steven Julien “8 Ball”

Genre: Techno / House / Electro
Label: Apron

Like Kane said “Here I am R-A-W”. Steven Julien aka Funkineven once again unleashes the uncut gritty machine funk. These 3 tracks might either be bonus “Bloodline” album or a taste of things to come. As usual, for the past 10 years S.J has never released anything that I didn’t stand out in a sea of “lowest common denominator” house and tech.
– Selected by Lexis

Stimulator Jones “Exotic Outtakes”

Genres: Funk / Soul
Label: Stones Throw

B-sides and unused takes from his album “Exotic Worlds And Masterful Treasures”. Funk it up because there’s no reason not to. Party to it, cruise to it, love to it, live to it.
-Selected by Mike Jones

Famous Eno “Music For Clubs”

Genres: Bass / Club / Bashment
Label: Swing Ting

Just like the title says, it’s music for clubs! Each track has its own personality and ideal setting, but all are sure to smoke up the soundsystem and the dancefloor in tandem. Go!
-Selected by Mike Jones


Umit Aksu Orkestrasi “Bermuda Seytan Ucgeni”

Genres: Jazz-Funk / Psyche
Label: Zel Zele

Debora Ipekel and Ece Duzgit launch Zel Zele with a killer first release by Turkish composer Umit Aksu. Bermuda Seytan Ucgeni, a 7-inch originally from ‘75, gets the reissue treatment it so deserves. According to the release’s Bandcamp page, the title track is a musical adaptation of the Bermuda Triangle, yes, that Bermuda Triangle. Swelling horn sections, a shakin’ back beat and a front-and-center sax solo make this piece an absolute must-have. The flip is whimsical and nearly saccharine, but with enough of a psyche twist to keep it interesting.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Mary Lou Williams “Black Christ Of The Andes”

Genres: Spiritual Jazz
Label: Down At Dawn

A very welcome reissue of Mary Lou Williams’ 1964 masterpiece Black Christ Of The Andes. The pianist and composer was a very religious person throughout her life, and on this recording, she brings together jazz and spiritual music. From choral music to swingin’ grooves, blues piano licks, handclaps, and praising vocals, this recording will even take the most non-believer to church.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Various Artists “Running Back Mastermix: Front Part 2”

Genre: Garage / House
Label: Running Back

Last month, German label Running Back, released an essential 37-track retrospective of 80’s Hamburg fixture – Front. The double-disc DJ mix, compiled and mixed by former residents Klaus Stockhausen and Boris Dlugosch, paid tribute to the club’s forward-looking musical legacy. Running Back Mastermix: Front Part 2, a double-12” vinyl release, features deep and jackin’ selections pulled right from Klaus & Boris’ mix. If, like me, you’re interested in the history of German underground club culture and love vintage House, then add this carefully curated piece of history to your bins now.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Melodic Energy Commission “Migration Of The Snails”

Genres: Art Rock / Experimental
Label: Telephone Explosion

Lots of heady weirdness on this 9 track LP from 1980. Melodic Energy Commission, or MEC for short, is an 8-piece outfit from British Columbia with roots tracing back to UK space-rock pioneers Hawkwind. The band’s second effort, Migration Of The Snails, is given new life ala Telephone Explosion (Toronto). Slap this on the platter, hit play and join the snails on their migration.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell