Crucial Material – November 15th, 2020

Hope you are doing well and that some of these records will make your day!

Here are our favorite EP’s, Albums and Reissues of the past week. As always we encourage you to buy digital or physical releases if you discover a release you love. Support artists and labels!


Sun Ra Arkestra — Egypt 71

Originally released as an expansive 5 LP box set on Record Store Day, Strut has separately reissued three of the titles from Sun Ra Arkestra’s ‘Egypt 71’ including ‘Dark Myth Equation Visitation’, ‘Nidhamu’, and ‘Horizon’. Recorded live  when the band was touring in Cairo, all three recordings are a mixture of adventurous free jazz, cosmic tones, and futuristic grooves.
— Selected by TJ Gorton


Jarrod Lawson — Be The Change

Brilliant contemporary soul from the honey-voiced Portland-based singer-songwriter and pianist, deep in more than jazz nuance, with an uplifting message to top it off. Jarrod counts Stevie Wonder and D’Angelo as key influences, but the contemporary soul jazz of Robert Glasper comes to mind. Highlights on this LP for Dome Records include the anthemic title track, a guest turn from the incredible Moonchild on “I’ll Be Your Radio”, and the closing “How Long”, where percussion legend Sammy Figueroa can really shine.
— Selected by Oli Brunetti

Common Saints — Idol Eyes 

Brilliant, sun-soaked psychedelic soul arriving just in time for us to reminisce on the summer gone, or to yearn for the next summer. Voices somewhere between the David Crosby & the Gibbs brothers, gritty drums, silky guitars, dusty old keyboards, summery songs and beautiful arrangements. The Jorja Smith writer/producer has done good on this first EP. Stick this on for an instant pick-me-up.
— Selected by Oli Brunetti

Shah Frank — Stellaria Story

RnB singer Shah Frank gave up a career as an entertainment lawyer to pursue music full time and her debut EP is an indication she made the right decision. Stellar production allows Shah to explore all types of sounds from sad to sensuous and provides her with a solid foundation to build on.  Standout track A Night to Pretend brings back the 90’s essence to modern RnB.
— Selected by ASMA

Nkusi & Funkywhat — FWNK

Producer Nkusi has teamed up with Funkywhat to slow down the tempo on typical synth funk production and find their own lane. With vocalist Kaya Hoax providing some RnB flare and rapper Morri$$ Regal bringing the griminess, this EP is a refreshing and solid listen.
— Selected by ASMA

Amadeo 85 Feat. Moniquea — Galaxy Dance / Play It Loud

Brand new 7’ off the French Label Happy Milf Records, by Amadeo85, owner of the label, and featuring Moniquea on vocals. Modern Funk/P-Funk madness, from Montreuil’s Funk Hustler. Check out also the bundle with the 12’ of Orly Sad. 
— Selected by Walla P

HOUSE / TECHNO / Electronica

A.K.Adrix — Código de Barra

A.k.Adrix (formerly known as P. ADRIX) returns to the PRÍNCIPE stable for what once again sounds like it might be the best record they’ve ever put out. But then again, I seem to say that with each release which is a testament to the level that the Lisboa crew have been releasing these past few years. 
— Selected by Lexis

Swordman Kitala — Kimbalanbga EP

First full EP from the ever cheeky and creative Ugandan MC, showcasing him at his peak over technoid dancehall, UK funky and electro beats by Tom Blip, K-Lone, O’Flynn, Ekhe and pq. Unadulterated fun from A to Z. The proceeds all go to help with his medical fees, cop it.
— Selected by dileta

Kasper Marott — Sol EP

Two solid aerial rave weapons with generous track lengths and great progressions. ‘Sol’ is a high speed dreamy glider with luminous dubby chords and rolling breaks. ‘Katla’ is a furious, dark, percussive and bouncy night flight with a blinking distorted vocal sample. The latter is definitely one of the bangers of the year for me.
— Selected by dileta

Dan Kye — Small Moments

After a 4 year hiatus, Jordan Rakei returns with his alter ego Dan Kye (a play on his first and last name’s three letters). Just like with the 2016 EP “Joy, Ease, Lightness”, it sees Rakei exploring his more electronic, housey side. From the bass-heavy “Raro”, the Prince-esque “Rainbow Road” to the breezy cut “Sober”, count on Dan Kye to deliver the soulful grooves. Out now on Rhythm Section International…
— Selected by Spacewalker

CoOp Presents — Plug One

Incredible posse record by CoOp presents featuring 17 unreleased scorchers showcasing the full range of the Broken Beat scene as it heads into 2021. It’s all here from the more jazzy/melodic to the ruff & tuff flavas too. Great ones from EVM128, Sivey, LCSM, Xtra Brux just to name a few… Bruk is in fine health! 
— Selected by Lexis


Buds — Platinum

Swiss rapper Buds, from the group La Base, delivers a super solid EP, staying true to his roots with that Boom Bap sound. Favourite tracks are Platinum, St-Lazar, Universal & Success.  
— Selected by Walla P

Jneiro Jarel — After a Thousand Years 

A brilliant return for beatmaker, MC and artist, Jneiro Jarel. A purely instrumental affair, “After a Thousand Years” draws heavily on Jneiro’s love of Brazilian music, reworking the almost familiar sounds to his razor sharp production style, which whilst coming from hip hop, continues to exhibit a much wider sonic stamp. Legendary percussionist Bill Summers (Headhunters, Herbie Hancock, etc) guests.
— Selected by Oli Brunetti


The Diabolical Liberties — High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics

The endlessly shapeshifting Rob Gallagher aka Earl Zinger  joins  behind-the-scenester Alex Patchwork to present their first official full length via On the Corner. A whirlwind of post punk, dance music and North London beat poetry, with a touch of free jazz. Think Blockheads, James Chance & Konk jamming with Sun Ra, for London 2020. One of the most fun and adventurous records this year.
— Selected by Oli Brunetti   

Ana Roxanne — Because of a flower

New York-based Ana Roxanne returns for her sophomore album and once again proves she’s incredibly gifted at making experiential music. No need to overanalyse this type of record, you just need to tune in and float off. Play this one loud in your floatation tank. 
— Selected by Lexis

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