Crucial Material – November 30th, 2020

Hope you are doing well and that some of these records will make your day!

Here are our favorite EP’s, Albums and Reissues of the past week. As always we encourage you to buy digital or physical releases if you discover a release you love. Support artists and labels!


Various — ‘Colin Curtis Presents Jazz Dance Fusion’ Vol. 2 

Legendary UK deejay Colin Curtis presents the second volume of his superb ‘Jazz Dance Fusion’ compilation series. Where the first record focused on selections from the great Muse Records catalog, volume two features a brilliant collection of vocal jazz and Latin-flavored cuts, all well-suited for the dance floor. This is the first time that any of the tracks have been released on either vinyl or CD. Great from start to finish, this compilation is, as Curtis often says on his Saturday Worldwide.FM show, “definitely worth your attention.”
— Selected by TJ Gorton

Max Zuckerman — The Corner Office

Another dope release from Tokyo’s  City Baby Records, this one from Brooklyn’s Max Zuckerman. Lots of different vibes on this record, from JAzz, Funk, City Pop, and Zuckerman’s versatility is transcending every song. Available on vinyl and digital. 
— Selected by Walla P 

Tenderlonious — Ragas from Lahore: Improvisations with Jaubi

Deep listening from, Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne on flutes & soprano saxophone, recorded in Lahore, Pakistan, with Indian classical (but experimental) trio, Jaubi, and EABS composer/keys man, Marek Pędziwiatr on synth drone. This full length LP fleshes out the incredible but sold out ‘Tender in Lahore’ 10” EP with further improvisations, that far from diluting its special sound, uphold and extend into further meditative or spiritual realms.
— Selected by Oli Brunetti

Oiro Pena — Music From Moments 

Spain’s 2 Headed Deer Records have compiled the first solo recordings by Finnish multi-instrumentalist Pentti Orionen, aka Antti Vaukhonen, member of prog/fusion band, RR Gems. Varied, warm, organic, lo-fi recordings, from deep, post-Coltrane jazz, to folk, samba, even a whiff of post punk, full of overdubs, piano loops, winds & skins, and the ghost of Don Cherry. 
— Selected by Oli Brunetti

Thijsenterprise — Lahringen 

In love with this album for Rucksack Records. Jazz meets post-punk and modern beatmaking in the Makaya McCraven mould. Skronking sax over grooves with attitude, built around live drum loops and basslines. Thijs wears his influences on his sleeve, putting a refreshing spin on James Chance’s Contort Yourself, and pays tribute to both Gato Barbieri and Dilla with “El Arriero”, a Barbieri composition that the latter sampled for the Pharcyde. 
— Selected by Oli Brunetti


Libretto & Buscrates — Eternal Ridin’ ( XL Middleton & C.Scott Remixes)

2 Fresh remixes, including one from XL Middleton, for “Eternal Ridin”,  a joint originally released by rapper Libretto and Pittsburgh finest Buscrates, via Portland’s sure-shot label Liquid Beat Records. Available on 7’ and digital. 
— Selected by Walla P

Koji Ono — Ricochet / Maloja Pass

Everything that comes out of Parisian label Chuwanaga is worth a listen, and even more true when it comes to Koji Ono. This 12’ can satisfy Funk, House and Disco heads, as Ono effortlessly produces dance floor anthems. 
— Selected by Walla P 

Clerel — My Anthem / Talking About Love

A soulful digital 45, from the up and coming crooner Clerel. Known for his acoustic mastery, this delightful vocalist adds some subtle arrangements highlighting the purity of his voice. Fresh off an appearance on the Late Show, the world is poised to discover this undeniable talent and his golden vocals. 
— Selected by ASMA

Various Artists — Nick Luscombe presents Tokyo Dreaming 

A deep dig compilation presenting the 80s sound of Tokyo’s cutting edge music scene. Reflecting a moment when advanced music-tech from Japan helped forge new ideas and experiments creating alternative forms of music that still sounds like the future. Compiled by British DJ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe, tracks included are sought-after rarities and hidden gems which had never been released outside of Japan. 
— Selected by Dom Ore

Jelly — Everybody Needs Lovin, Nows The Time / Hey Look At Me 

Another timeless reissue release by Fantasy Love Records. Originally an off-cut from the album session which brought us the infamous track ‘Dance To The Drummer Beat’ by Herman Kelly & Life. This laid-back funky Detroit soul eventually ended up being released on independent label FU-JA in 1978. Fast forward 30+ years and with renewed interest from the rare soul scene this elusive record is once again available to the masses. 
— Selected by Dom Ore


Max I Million & Nocatchphraze — Private Barrel Selection

One of my favourite producers, Max I Million, delivers a superb instrumental project, co-produced with Texan native Nocatchphraze. Dope beats, from Hip-Hop to Funk, always with a touch of Boom Bap, this project definitely follows the legacy of other Radio Juicy releases.  
— Selected by Walla P

Jahari Massamba Unit — Pardon My French

New collaborative project between Madlib & Karriem Riggins, that ranges from Hip-Hop, Spiritual Jazz, and like the duo likes to call it “Black Classical Music”. Not only the songs are great, but the reference to wine definitely accentuates the enjoyment of this album. 
— Selected by Walla P

HOUSE / TECHNO / Electronica

Timedance — Sharpen, Moving (V/A)

Timedance come back with their second V/A to propulse us into a new era of leftfield club music. The 12 tracks, by the likes of Batu, Peter Van Hoesen (!), Ploy, Bruce, Akiko Haruna, Happa and Metrist, feature intricate sound design, thunderous drums, propulsive grooves and dizzying synth pads. Come get lost in these countless twists and turns!
— Selected by dileta

Audio Bambino — BAM-002 (V/A)

The second V/A EP from Montreal’s hottest new club label is here! This time the focus is on harsh serrated trance-infused techno and club. Special mentions to the ripping 200+ bpm haze-trance track by Sienna Sleep, the brutal apocalyptic acid tekno-trance behemoth by DJ Coldsteel and the labyrinthine inwards nostalgic meltdown by Spraelle.
— Selected by dileta

Henzo — Not Like That, Not Like You

Anything goes on this stunning digi-dub-balearic-beatdown-techno debut EP from Manchester’s Henzo. Splendid way to kick off DJ Python’s new Worldwide Unlimited imprint. Full digi + heavy wax available at Boomkat — Selected by Lexis

Scratchclart — DRMTRK EP X

Relentless soundclash of grime, UK Funky, Gqom and Hardbass all with that unmistakable DVA twyst! The kind of music we just cannot wait to blast real loud in a dark room with a massive system— Selected by Lexis


Dave De Rose — ACTIVATE EP 

Drummer, bassist, producer, song-writer and Agile Experimenter, Dave De Rose, shares a cracking four-tracker. Featuring two deeply meditative alt-r&b/pop numbers, the guitar looping “Self-Acting” and (his own) free jazz sampling “Proof”, followed by the infectious electro pop of Peloponnese and sheer wonkiness of “Leg Leaf”. Bandcamp only – 25 dubplates, 25 cassettes or digital. 
— Selected by Oli Brunetti

Cktrl – Robyn

Deeply touching new album from musician Ckrtl exploring contemporary classical music from a black perspective. Collaborations with Duval Timothy, Coby Sey and Purple Ferdinand all contribute to this simple, stripped, spiritual record. Massive respect to Touching Bass who continue to inspire with each project. — Selected by Lexis


Bad Bunny — El Ultimo Tour del Mundo

An ambitious surprise release, this is the third album from one of the most creative and prolific voices in Latin Trap Bad Bunny. Moving away from the pop-reggaeton spectrum and returning to his darker trap ethos, Bunny puts together a project aimed at his tastes and not the masses’. The rock latino tinged tracks are well crafted but it’s the rapping that truly delivers in an album that will be bumping from Jeep sound systems rather than High School locker rooms.
— Selected by ASMA

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