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Future Classic: Daedelus “Labyrinths”

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Daedelus’ “Labyrinths” is his first release on his own record label Magical Properties.

“Labyrinths” is a very appropriate title for this album. The sounds twist and turn, pulling ideas from a ton of different styles and worlds. Some tracks are chilled out and whimsical like Aries and Special Re: Quest, giving the impression of maybe getting close to the outside of the Labyrinth, while some tracks are totally dark and distorted, sucking you closer to the centre. Zeroh gives a smash of a performance on Minotaur, following the theme of being trapped in a maze and trying to find a way out.

One track that really stands out for me is A Maze Amazing. It gives the nostalgic feeling of 8 Bit videogames, and reminds me of something that Anamanaguchi or Nullsleep might have had a hand in. Who knows, maybe it was made on LSDJ with the help of a live drummer!

As disparate as the sounds may seem, the constant theme that keeps arising is one of freedom. Finding your own path and finding your own way to escape. This is why I love experimental music as a whole, it’s a way to break free from everything and truly express what you want to, how you want to. Being able to draw from anything that speaks to you personally no matter where it came from, and weaving it all into something new and unique. Why try to lock it into a category? It takes a special someone to do something totally unique and different, and in my eyes, Daedelus is one of those special someones.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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