Introducing the MIMS x Dimensions Festival ’10 Records’ series, where we ask artists from this year’s line-up to pick 10 of their formative records!

Running with some of the finest music selectors and diggers, we bring you an exclusive series of playlists in the run up to this year’s Dimensions and Outlook festival. Crossing the boundaries of soul, jazz, boogie, jungle, drum and bass, breakbeat, techno, hip hop, Brazilian and broken beat, Dego has influenced the UK dance and electronica music scene since the 90s and early noughties.

Revered as one of London’s most important musical visionaries, Dego continues to pioneer forward-thinking soulful music across all tempos and is never restrained by genre, only influenced by quality. Dego focuses on generating and performing soulful sounds that often forge into the unknown territories of Black music. Making genre guidelines obsolete.

Dego continues to search for the ultimate groove in his soulful forthcoming solo LP, ‘The More Things Stay The Same’, just released yesterday on the 26th May 2015 from Dego’s label 2000BLACK. Available for listen and download here:

We asked Dego for 10 formative records, the picks below give you a sense of how far his sound feelers reach. Not to be missed at this year’s Dimensions Festival!

1. The record that gets you going: Johnny Hammond ‘Los Conquistadores Chocolatés’

2. The record that takes you back: Original Concept ‘Can You feel It’

3. The record that felt like a massive discovery: Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force ‘Planet Rock’

4. The first record you bought that begun to define your own taste: Donald Byrd ‘Places & Spaces’

5. The most influential record on your own music: Pleasure ‘Accept No Substitutes’

6. Latest find: Foster Jackson Group ‘Feel The Spirit’

7. Record that opened your mind and took you off on a musical tangent: Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer ‘Like Children’

8. The record you always come back to: Johnny Hammond ‘Gears’

9.The weirdest, most trippy record you’ve come across: Peter Thomas-Sound Music ‘Album 4′

10. The most ambient or meditative record for you: Scientist ‘Scientist Wins the World Cup’

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