Dileta’s top 10 hypothetical club smashers of 2020

These are 10 tracks to project yourself in a speculative club night of your dreams. Note that the order is arbitrary, these are all 10/10s in my book.

Black Girl / White Girl – Hot Mouth (Extended ‘138’ Mix)

I GOT SOMETHING HERE THAT YOU DON’T EVER WANNA TURN DOWN! BGWG bringing back the funk and groove in techno!

Hideki Naganuma – HEAVEN★UP

The CEO of Funky Fresh Beats is back with the most entrancing video game house ever made!

Laksa – Bane

How can you even start describing this? Paralyzing bass with alarming synths, feels like the floor is slipping under your feet!

Impey – Conquest Mode (Mosca’s NOLA Version)

Pounding NOLA Bounce flip of Impey’s tune with the sickest vocal cuts, clangy drums and scratches!

Henry Greenleaf – Sign Replacement

The most simultaneously subtle, intricate, ridiculous and catchy bass/techno you’re going to hear in this world!

Swordman Kitala, O’Flynn & Ekhe – Heat Flexx

Brutal breakbeat with all the silly percussions, FX, nasty bass and Swordman Kitala! What more do you need?

Amselysen – Rhinestone Cowboy

Disorienting, yet beautifully nostalgic post-industrial murk! Would love to hear this with large sound. 

Nikki Nair – Justtryingto

Top tier hyper cyberfunk house morphing into heavy breaks with mad twists! 

Ploy – Molotov

Swirling dizziness-inducing percussive leftfield techno with pitched up vocal bursts! 

rRoxymore – Lost In Synth

Quirky funky house jam with a band feel and the tastiest synths and field recordings!