Donald Lauture – in 10 Records

Tell us about one record you’re gonna play at 24HOV

It’s a track that was produced by Timbaland and Jay-Z just rips it The words are so relatable to me because it represents exactly what happens in a dj booth

Jay-Z – 2 Many Hoes

What is the last record you bought?

I am the biggest Scarface Movie fan, saw the movie 90x and i have the original signed script.

Collector’s Edition of Scarface the Movie

One record from your want list you’d love to find

“Casino the Movie” … I’m a big MAFIA MOVIE FANATIC

Casino the Movie

Record that never leaves your DJ bag

It’s a guaranteed hit always

Kanye West – Good Life

Perfect lazy sunday record

Pure vibes this song

Snoop Dogg – Doggy Dogg World

Your most influential teenage years record

This record was a hit with both the hiphop crowd and the house crowd

Bucketheads – The Bomb

What would be your post-pandemic peaktime DJ set record

It represents all the panted up anger and energy people have after being caged in at home because of COVID

Bone Crusher – Never Scared

A DJ request you’ve actually said yes to

“Southern Hospitality” () … ALWAYS A YES

Ludacris – Southern Hospitality

A Quebec or Canadian record you love


Muzion – Men Malad Yo

Guilty pleasure record

Don’t ask, just love love love it

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

A record you’ve paid serious money for (but don’t regret buying)

These are 6 records with filled all unreleased KANYE tracks and productions

Kanye West – Unreleased

Record you love playing that clears the floor every time

Don’t ask why lol

Daddy Yankee – Gasolina

Record you gave as a gift recently

Have no idea why I even had this record, so I gave it away

Grease The Movie

Record someone gave you recently (if you like it of course)

… my friend knows my obsession with Mafia Movies

The Godfather Soundtrack

Record you’d give your 10 year old self

I was the biggest EURODANCE fan, i started DJing to EURODANCE, this is my favorite euro track

Alexia – Me and You



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