Lost Heroes – in 10 Records

The world’s first “around the clock” musical marathon dedicated to vinyl records & DJ culture returns for its unmissable annual edition at the Nuit Blanche in Montréal.

Casino of Montréal presents the 21st edition of the 24 Hours of Vinyl, part of the official Nuit Blanche in Montréal programming.

In honour of his upcoming set at our beloved 24 Hours of Vinyl event, we wanted to have a talk with Montreal’s Lost Heroes about… records! What else!?

What is the last record you bought?

80’s oddity, part NewWave part Cosmic not really sure if it’s Canadian or it’s a licence on the Quality record label . I totally forgot about it until recently … Kinda pricey but worth it just to re initiated some cells in my brain …

XR7 – XR7 (Instrumental)

One record from your want list you’d love to find

Elton John – J’veux d’la tendresse , 1981 Promo 12 off Nobody Wins ! Another one that I used to play but lost it along the way …

Elton John – J’veux d’la tendresse (Promo 12″)

Record that never leaves your DJ bag

Liquid Liquid – Optimo / Scrapper , I’ve been playing both of those tracks for almost 40 years, one of the most important record for me. The EP is one of the first release on 99 Rec. the N.Y. No Wave Cult Label. The EP also contains Cavern which is like one of the most important early HipHop manifestation

Liquid Liquid – Optimo / Scrapper

Your most influential teenage years record

So many !!! I could name Moroder / Kraftwerk/ Fela / Pink Floyd / James Brown but one of the record that really opened my mind to something that would stay with me for the rest of my life was : BYRNE & ENO – MY LIFE IN THE BUSH IF GHOST ! One of THE most groundbreaking records of the past 50 years !

David Byrne & Brian Eno – Mea Culpa

What would be your post-pandemic peaktime DJ set record

Alan Parson Project – Lucifer … One of my many signature songs , Alan Parson was the engineer that worked in the PinkFloyd seminal album Dark Side of the Moon & went on with his artistic career releasing many great projects. This is totally timeless, Cinematic, Inspiring, Fierce & Full of hope !

Alan Parson Project – Lucifer

A DJ request you’ve actually said yes to

Request are rarely pertinent but every now & then you get … Desireless – Voyage Voyage ( also a guilty pleasure)

Desireless – Voyage Voyage

A Quebec or Canadian record you love

CHAM- PANG – Ne mourrez pas ! Post Neo Romantism on the Montréal YUL label! Edit Piaf meets Grace Jones meets Nina Hagen meets Siouxsie . That was kinda a buzz track in the underground gay clubs in the 80’s … Une autre époque .

CHAM- PANG – Ne mourrez pas

Guilty pleasure record

I have ZERO guilt and many pleasures – Olivia Newton John – Magic ! Played at the proper time & space that can be a life changing experience! It’s all about MAGIC

Olivia Newton John – Magic

A record you’ve paid serious money for (but don’t regret buying)

In Embrace – The longer living daylights… although this was recently repressed & way cheaper that the price I paid , I have no regrets! Music Information is priceless , specially when you hear something like that & you have no idea of what where & who !!! From time to time records like this comes up … (thanks to Erol Alkan for playing this)

In Embrace – The longer living daylights

Record you love playing that clears the floor every time

Records don’t empty Dance floors , DJ’s do ! That said some song/track can be quite challenging but that is that is part of the ArtForm of DJ’ing keeping a fragile balance between what you want to play & what you need to play … Not always but a tricky one LCD SOUNDSYSTEM- LOSING MY EDGE .

LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge

Record you’d give your 10 year old self


That is my Trilogy

Grace Jones – Night Clubbing



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