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“Downloaded: The Digital Revolution” Documentary Trailer

Words from: Animal New York

Thirteen years ago today, Shawn Fanning and Shawn Parker singlehandedly changed the future of the music industry when they released pioneering file-sharing service Napster. Not many average college aged kids manage to simultaneously piss of Dr. Dre, Lars Ulrich and the entire RIAA, but neither Fanning nor Parker were ever really average.

A new VH1 documetary entitled Downloaded: The Digital Revolution, by Alex Winter, aka Bill of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, focuses on Fanning and Parker’s showdown with the Recording Industry Association of America, which launched an 8-year Supreme Court case and opened a new dialogue on legitimacy of content piracy and freedom of the internet. The film appears to also focus on the failure of dinosaur record companies to keep up with peer to peer sharing. It was previewed at SXSW earlier this year, but has not yet been released in full.



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