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Jonattan Levingstone “Live on Bande À Part”

House / Techno Techno

Here’s a great mix by a sweet new Montreal-based label that’s quickly gaining some well-deserved attention on popular download/vinyl charts from around the world.

Jonattan Levingstone (Parages) was without a doubt one of the most genuine, fun-loving music lovers and party-throwers in the city (now chasing his dreams in Berlin). Being a key player to Montreal’s disco, house and techno scene as part of Cocktail Club Soundsystem, Jonattan always took big risks to make sure the people around him were properly fed with inexpensive shows showcasing “highly-nutritious” artists such as the legendary Frank Voodoo Funk, while trying to push as much local talent as possible. He had even contacted me from over 600 miles away to help bring Jerome Derradji into town!

All that being said, nothing demonstrates Jonattan’s love for music quite like this mix featured by CBC/Radio-Canada’s Bande A Part. Here we go deep, dark and raw with an hour’s worth of solid tunes from everyone like Underground Resistance to label mates Recife, Simon Called Peter and Basic Soul Unit (soon to release an LP on Derradji’s Still Music). Click that link, you won’t regret it. I also highly recommend checking out the Parages Soundcloud as you’ll find a handful of great tracks there and many more to come.



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