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Erasmo Carlos “Carlos, Erasmo” (1971, Light In The Attic)


via Sounds Of The Universe: As a student and fan of Elvis, Little Richard, Bill Haley, and Chuck Berry, Erasmo indulged his primal rock urges in this sufficiently psychedelic and fuzzy LP.

Arriving in 1971, Erasmo’s 1971 album was the closest thing to Tropicália around. “Carlos, Erasmo” was co-produced by the Tropicália producer, Manoel Barenbein, including a new composition from Caetano, a few arrangements courtesy of Rogério Duprat. Erasmo was backed by the musical talents of no fewer than three Mutants: lead guitarist Sergio Dias, drummer Dinho Leme and bassist Liminha, not to mention Brazil’s undisputed psychedelic axe-master, Alexander Gordin, aka “Lanny”.

“Carlos, Erasmo” is a virtual all-star team of Tropícalistas (not in exile). This album is considered a bedrock album within the Brazilian rock scene and a notable late entry in the Tropicália tradition, rocking harder than any album in his catalog, but also including wispy love songs, soul and funk moves, brassy pop tunes and a marimba-driven ode to marijuana.

Reissued January 20, 2017 by Light In The Attic

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