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Exclusive Premiere: Alistair Blu “Sweet, Damn, Hold The Phone”

Soul & Funk

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada and now situated in Montreal, QC, Canada, Alistair Blu sits perfectly between Jazz, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop.

Making a name for himself with the fast-rising nine piece band Busty And The Bass, the frontman and keyboardist has decided to further explore the funkmosphere with his latest track “Sweet, Damn, Hold The Phone”.

Rather than trying to dissect the track ourselves we figured we’d let the man tell us about his vision in his own words, “Let me start off by explaining how I feel about describing my songs: It makes me uncomfortable. It rubs me with notions of self-indulgence. I want people to listen to my music first without holding guided preconceptions. This track in particular needs no extended explanation. For “Sweet, Damn, Hold the Phone” I wanted to paint a picture of the West Coast. G-Funk is obviously a huge part of my music, and this song, in particular, embodies my love for it more than anything else that I’ve created so far.

Living in Montreal, I can sometimes feel trapped by the city and the extreme weather, and I often long for the ocean and the wide-open spaces of the west coast of Canada, where I grew up. Victoria, B.C. couldn’t be more different from South Central Los Angeles – the hot-spot from which most of the inspiration for this track is drawn – but it’s my version of the West Coast. I just want to create music that people can really dig into because they genuinely like it, not because it follows a trend or because it’s commercially viable. This song represents that attitude.”

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