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Exclusive Premiere: Atomga “Zenpocalypse” (Bosq’s Super Disco Mix)

@bosqmusic “It was a genuine pleasure to work on this Atomga record, there was such an abundance of material to work with and amazingly played parts that I wanted to highlight, that the hardest part was just keeping it concise!

When dj’ing or working on remixes I’m always trying to find intentional or unintentional references hidden within the layers of the track that help tell me where it wants to go (or what to play next) and this track was immediately screaming for some stretched out Philly disco vibes, so I did my best to summon Gamble & Huff and take it there. I can’t wait to properly try it out on a dance floor!”

Benjamin Woods, creating under the name Bosq, has been tirelessly exploring the intersections of Afro-Latin music with Disco, Funk, Reggae, House and Hip Hop for years. He first gained notoriety as one half of the Whiskey Barons, churning out a continuous stream of edits and remixes, as well as being the sole producer on the now highly sought after, out of print Whiskey Barons x Bastard Jazz releases (Tumbao EP & Enferma Nocturna). His unofficial mixes led to a slew of official remix work for heavy hitters like Fania Records, Orchestre Poly Rhythmo de Cotonou, Poolside, Nickodemus, and many more. He now works his magic on afrobeat warriors Atomga’s single “Zenpocalypse”, bringing the dancefloor to Africa with an Afro-Disco slammer that will rock fans worldwide.

The remix comes out on Color Red, record label and music platform founded by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds on October 2, 2020

Remix Ex. Producer – Marcos Flores

Leah Concialdi – Baritone Saxophone, Background vocals
Frank Roddy – Tenor Saxophone, Background vocals
Alice Hansen – Trumpet, Background vocals
LaShá “CalySōl” Afarko – Vocals
Casey Hrdlicka – Electric Guitar, Background vocals
Sam Lafalce – Bass Guitar
Peter Mouser – Keyboard, Electric Organ
J.R. Ranck – Drums
Jared Fischer – Congas
Matt Schooley – Timbales, Shekere, Auxillary Percussion, Background vocals

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