Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: EBI SODA (Brighton, Thameslink)

We’re thrilled to invite one of the most exciting groups out of the London contemporary scene, to our guest mix series. Ebi Soda touch on all types of jazz, psych, funky flavours. We were curious to hear what sorts of influences lie behind their great sound!

@ebi-soda “This is more of a selection of tunes which have inspired us over the years and more recently.

We’ve included few artists from the UK who we feel are making great stuff, from local jazz groups such as Vels Trio and Brother’s Testiment to more vocal/beat-based music with Bawo and Ojerime. The blend of jazz and UK rap-based genres has always been at the forefront of what we try to do and the Yussef Dayes remix of Frontline by Pa Salieu needed to be included as it was a great coming together of two musical worlds which influence our approach.

In general this mix is just made up of tunes which we love although we also felt the need to include some of our proudest moments from our recent project, Ugh, as well as a preview of our soon-to-be released remix of Jarami’s Company. Cheers for listening!”


Tenderness – Vels Trio
Zip Yer Boots Up, Lad – Ebi Soda
Kaleidoscope – Badbadnotgood
Meow Meow – Ebi Soda
No Sleep – Bawo
Company – Jarami (Ebi Soda Remix) 
Lens – Frank Ocean
Give It Up 2 Me – Ojerime 
Run for President – Ebi Soda ft Chloe Bodur
Frontline – Pa Salieu (Yussef Dayes Remix) 
Super Sharp Shooter – DJ Zinc 
Hallucinations – Bienvenue
Kingdom – Brother’s Testament




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