Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Casbah 73 “In The Dark”

Disco House / Techno Soul

We are excited to premiere the disco sounds of Casbah 73’s irresistible paeon to human contact, “In The Dark”, featuring the incredible vocals of Angela Gooden.

“I cannot wait to be with you all in the dark once again, rediscovering lost senses. Turn off the lights!” sings Angela Gooden, over Casbah 73’s wonderful arrangement. Ripe words for our time. Beautifully played by seasoned musicians, classic and raw, early disco sounds, with a touch of house and low-end power. Organic drums, addictive rhythm guitars, deep-in-your-chest moog-powered low end, the track builds and builds until a devastating release.


“In The Dark” sees release on June 4th on Madrid’s ever-reliable Lovemonk label. The same label that brought us Casbah 73’s anthemic “Love Saves The Day”. A record so popular it received an extended edit by none other than Danny Krivit, and a reissue on Glitterbox.

Packed with the original mix, and with the assistance of Madrid-based producer and DJ Damián Schwartz, a pumping “Horn Mix” and small-hours ready “The Off The Lights Mix”. Sounds like an essential purchase for DJs who like to mix their house and disco. Preview and pre-order direct from Lovemonk on Bandcamp.

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